Thursday, April 12, 2012

Seeing Red

Ello Loves! Hope your week is going well. I'm eyeball deep in research papers and then once that's done studying for finals, but after next friday comes sweet, sweet freedom. For two weeks.
This is what I wore to the last fashion show last week! It was the day of a freak snowstorm, which has melted since, thankfully. This dress is one of my favourite purchases in the last little while, it's so versatile and I think I need more red like this in my life. I've always wanted to wear red lipstick, but never really tried, I even bought this Mac "Russian Red" last year and it sat untouched in my make-up drawer, I finally decided to wear it and I gotta say I'm loving it. Such a great shade and perfect for a night out. Red lipstick AND my hairs up? I'm living on the edge people. 
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Dress/Necklace- F21, Jacket-H&M, Belt/Ring-Ardene, Purse-Payless, Bracelets-Aldo


  1. I love this dress! The looks amazing on you (and I love the red lips and yellow nails) and the sleeve length and exposed back are such cute touches.

    Courtney ~

  2. Adorable all around! Red is definitely your color - and those accessories are dope, too!

    House Of

  3. what a great color on you! and the fit of the dress is perfect. i want it myself! i love the lipstick color on you, as well.

  4. Jenna, red is DEFINITELY your color! Seriously, you look stunning in it! Love the dress, it's so pretty : )

  5. I loved your up-do so much that night! Also - red lace? Sigh. Amazing.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  6. Omg that dress is stunning on you! That trench on top of it is perfection. Love red on you.

    Alexandra xo

  7. Haha, way to live on the edge! This outfit is's got this vintage movie star appeal, but with your awesome edginess and spunk. Totally darling.

    <3 Cambria

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  8. Lace looks fantastic on you! As does that lipstick, I really wish I could pull off this colour.


  9. BAM! Hottie-McHotterson Jenna!! Love it! xx Nat

  10. that red dress looks amazing on you

  11. Wow, that red dress is just gorgeous!
    I love that its lace, it makes it so much better <3
    Plus, great trench coat. Such a classic staple!

    Trendy Teal

  12. Va va voom! Looking foxy, my love! I'm digging that dress on you, and that lipstick is totes amaze... That came out douchier than I intended, but it's true! xx

  13. Both your dress and, ga ga gorgeous! You are a bombshell Jenna:) The lace on that dress makes it perfection not to mention that back. I only wish I could pull off ruby red lips half as well as you!

    Best wishes with the research papers and finals and such! The weekend is almost here:)
    xx Marisa

  14. You hair & make up look incredible, you already know I LOVE that dress and it looks stunning with that trench & the bright yellow nails xo

  15. Beautiful dress, I love how it's lower in the back than in the front. You look so pretty in red :)

  16. The red lace dress is just stunning on you! And I love how you have red lips to match, so gorgeous.

    The Tiny Heart

  17. Hi :) ,your Blog is so cute ,i follow new :)
    Red suits you very well ,you look fabulous!

    Lovely Greetings from Austria ♡

  18. bold and beautiful! i am loving the red lips, and the lacey red dress looks really pretty against the white snow. great photos!! good luck with all the papers and exams!


  19. You look great! I love brightly colored lace, and yellow nails are so fresh for spring. :)

  20. OMG WTF at the snow. It's supposed to do that here on Monday. Let's move. Just you and me. To someplace warm. You can wear that get-up and we'll be ready for anything.

  21. I love that red dress Jenna! but I can't believe you're still having snow storm right now, while its freaking sunny where I am right now. Anyway, enjoy your break! you look incredible =)

    xo, Carla

  22. Beautiful! And the Russian Red suits you very well!

  23. Haha you're so cute, I love your "living-on-the-edge-look" Jenna :)
    You look so elegant with the lipstick and hairdo and the Russian red matches the dress so well! And yes the dress: GORGEOUS! Lace dresses are fab anyway - but in red? Even better!

  24. Hattitude Style Blog

    you look freakin awesome! i was gonna comment on your hair. i love it up messy like that! the red is totally your colour with the white snow background!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  25. You look so so pretty! I love your red dress. I want one like that! Your hair and lipstick look fantastic too.


Thank you for the love!