Friday, April 6, 2012

Colour Bursts

 Hello there! Well it's friday AND a long weekend. I'm going to spend the majority of it working on a paper, but I'm sure I'll find some fun stuff in there too. Last night was the last night of Western Canada Fashion Week and it was really fun!! There were so many amazing designers and I can't wait to share all the pictuers with you :)
This is what I wore to one of the shows earlier! I've been wanting a pair of bright pants for so long now but I wasn't quite sure about them. I'm so glad I bought some because I am so obsessed with them now, I got these pink ones and some pastel blue ones that are awesome too. My sheer polka dot top was an easy match for these pants and leather jacket to add some edge, along with my stdded bracelets. A big thanks to Vickie for taking these photos, and I'm so glad we found this amazing graffiti'd wall, perfect backdrop for these pictures! Have a great weekend :)
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Outfit: Pants-Ardene, Top-Costa Blanca, Jacket-F21, Shoes-Payless, Bag-Thrift, Bracelets/ring/necklace-Gifts


  1. I am loving the bright jeans and loving that clutch as well!


  2. Great outfit - I love that sheet polka dot top!

    Courtney ~

  3. Adoring that jacket -- It's so my style.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. Rockin' outfit, hon! Love the coral and black.

    <3 Cambria

  5. Awesome look Jenna! I love the different pops of colour with the clutch, pants and nails! And the outfit really matches the graffiti wall - or the other way round :)
    You look stylish and chic, I bet this outfit was an eye-catcher at the fashion events!

  6. Oh wow, I just stumbled across your blog and I must say...I am smitten with it alright! Haha, corny? Sorry, couldn't resist :b
    Anyway, this outfit is spot on! Love the graffiti background for it too. The bright red pants are awesome, plus with your teal clutch and yellow nails, extra colorful!
    Following you on GFC and Bloglovin now! :)

    Trendy Teal

  7. love all the colours in this outfit jenna. so much fun!

  8. I really love those pants! They looked great at Fashion Week and in the photos!

    It was nice catching up during Fashion Week, this certainly needs to happen more often.

    1. I agree!! More blogger meet ups, it was really fun :)

  9. I LOVE everything about this outfit!!! You look amazing in trousers :)

    P.s I'm loving the location too <3

  10. You look so incredibly cool in this outfit. I just love the red jeans and your leather jacket. Perfect.

  11. you look so awesome! I love the green red and black and how you are somehow making it not Christmas-y, which is what happens to me every time I try to pair them (and I want to a lot) <3


  12. It's been a while since I'e been to your blog! I don't know how I lost track of it. Seriously. Anyways, you are looking as adorable as ever! I love the pops of color, especially in those deep coral pants and I am loving your leather jacket!

  13. Love the colored denim on you! It's so cute! & the clutch is adorable, too!

  14. I love love looooooove this outfit and these photos of you! You look gorgeous!

    xo Ashley

  15. AMAZING, jenna! i always love seeing you in pants, and these are a fabulous color. i love the entire ensemble with the dots and leather! glad you enjoyed the shows!


  16. I love this picture. Come check out my blog sometime..I am trying to get some followers.


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