Saturday, April 7, 2012

Best of Western Canada's Fashion Week part 1

 Another calgary designer! Really gorgeous designs, I loved the floral print fabric, and the red blazer is reversible! I need you in my life. One of my really good friends from Calgary actually just shot their look book for fall/winter 2012/2013, the amazing Adam Fraser
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Maggie Walt 
I loved the presentation of this show SO much, very well done. They had all the models come out on stage while one of them was singing and then they walked the catwalk, did a few looks and all ended up back among the props. So many gorgeous colourful pieces too
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Stanley Carroll
Always amazing, I was especially drawn to the bright colour blocked dresses. The one with the eyes definitely stood out in my mind. His menswear was incredible as well, always a treat :
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I was so in love with the printed blouses, especially the one on the left which had an open back! This Calgary designer used such great fabrics together.
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Dionne Dionne:
This was my first time seeing this designers stuff and I was really impressed, I loved the coat below (the striped part is a hood!) and the back detail on that dress is incredible. So many gorgeous wearable pieces 
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Alway's a fan favourite, she definitely delivered this season. So many gorgeous pieces to choose from, I especially loved her choice of fabrics, the sheer sleeves and tops were amazing. She always has such an incredible attention to detail
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  1. Looks like I missed a good night. The designs from Pout are really nice!

  2. Sounds like an amazing event to see in person.

    Gorgeous cuts & colours!

  3. Loving the reds and pinks! Looks like a fab show


  4. Pretty! Love that long white dress, so elegant :)

  5. Nice pics! I wished mine were as good as yours!


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