Sunday, April 22, 2012

Casual Sunday

Hello There! Happy Sunday to everyone. I hope you all had an especially good weekend, I definitely did. Had my last exam Friday and I have been enjoying my time off since then and celebrating my freedom (until the second week of may when I have more classes)
 I took a break from 6 hours of mind numbing studying Thursday to take Mr. Duke for a walk in the gorgeous spring weather. I was wearing my super comfy jeans, which now have a giant hole in the knee (which obviously gives them character) and my pineapple silk top. I've finally decided it was spring enough to break out my bright green bag and some coral hued flats too. 
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Outfit: Jeans-Mavi, Top-Costa Blanca, Jacket-H&M, Bag-UO. Shoes-Ardene, Necklace-Gift, Ring-Payless
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Duke Nukem, the cutest boston terrier/french bulldog that there is. Photobucket


  1. lovely blog! :)

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  2. Really nice casual outfit. And your hair is gorgeous! x

  3. love those shoes, quite the pop of colour! congrats on finishing exams :D xx

  4. Haha, I love these pics, you're waaaay too cute! Loving the coat and top, so cute together! xx

  5. Your outfit is perfect weekend wear! Love those coral shoes to brighten up your look. Mr. Duke is the cutest...the photo where he's looking straight into the camera melts my heart!

    The Tiny Heart

  6. This is such a fun spring outfit - and perfect for a study break! Love the coral flats.

    Courtney ~

  7. I love your flats! Great casual look!

  8. It's probably one of the best feelings ever to finish exams! That's probably the main thing I miss about school.

    Cute outfit (I feel like you don't wear jeans that often) and ever cuter pictures of your dog :P

  9. Love your breen bag and deep coral shoes! Looking casually adorable! I also am in love with your cute dog!

  10. My seriously adorable is Duke!!! That little face is precious:) You of course look as polished and put together as always. I love how you made a casual outfit look so fun and chic. I continually try to work the couple pairs of jeans I do own into a proper outfit and I definitely haven't mastered that yet....hehe. This is quite perfect though!

    xx Marisa

  11. Ah, I do love the Duke, he's such a wee cutie!
    I also love that top & the rest of your outfit xo

  12. Adorable! I would totally wear this. Love the shoes and bag.

    Happy Monday :)

  13. i love love the shoes and the necklace!

  14. yay to finishing your exams! hope you enjoy your break. you know i love seeing you in the look with the cargo jacket. i have yet to find one!

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  15. Awww Duke! I love seeing pictures of him.
    Also, you look so cute in this casual outfit! I really like the color of your flats.


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