Thursday, April 19, 2012

Big Red

Ello There!! I hope your week is going well. I am off to write a final and then immediately cram all day/night for my one friday. Then freeeedom!
I took a break from studying Tuesday night to accompany my fellow bloggers down to Mercedes Benz start up fashion show. Which was absolutely amazing, SO much local talent. I was blown away by the designs, the venue, how professional everything was, and of course the food ;) A huge congrats to Malorie who has moved to the next round. She definitely deserves it!
I had been studying alllll day so it was kind of nice to get a little dressed up! This dress is actually a nightgown from U.O. I love the glitter on it and decided to pair it with my denim jacket, and some pops of red. I was so excited to get to wear my new platforms, I bought them and then of course it snowed. They're ridiculously comfortable and I am planning on wearing them a ton this summer 
Ps. Thank you Vickie darling for taking these for me :)
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Outfit: Dress-U.O, Shoes-Payless, Jacket-Zara, Bag-Thrift, Necklace-Gift, Bracelets-Ardene/Aldo/Gifts


  1. I can't believe that's a nightgown...I think I would wear it as a dress too, it's so pretty! You look great and I love the shoes!

    Courtney ~

  2. yowza! love the red lip :)
    good luck on your exam!

  3. nightgown?!??!!? what on earth. it looks like a perfectly lovely dress to me. ^^ you look great! whole outfit just rocks and love the red! ^^d

  4. So creative to wear the nightgown as a dress...I never would've known! I love the red bag and red lip, so pretty. Good luck with your finals!

    The Tiny Heart

  5. Oh my word those shoes are such fun, I love how you can't see the straps against your black tights, but get those awesome striped soles magically under your feet. And clever of you to wear this nightgown as a dress!

    <3 Cambria

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  6. that nightie is soooo pretty! I love how you styled it with the heels and red lips <3


  7. My pleasure darling, you looked adorable! Such a great night... xx

  8. Love how you styled that nightgown into a day dress. Absolutely genius. Never would have known if you hadn't mentioned it. :)

  9. really cute dress, love that you made it day appropriate

  10. A fashion show sounds like the most delightful way to break away from the monotony of studying. I adore how you styled the nightgown...who would have known? It's perfect! You rock the red lipstick like none other...really stunning on you. One of these days I want to be bold enough to wear red lips like that.

  11. So lucky you got to go to that show! It must've been so exciting!

    And may I just say you have gorgeous hair and that you are gorgeous all over?!!


    Twenty York Street
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  12. Seriously, that's a nigtgown?? I would never have guessed. It looks incredible with the denim jacket & the pops of red xo

  13. You look amazing! I can't believe that dress is a nightgown. I love your red lipstick and the pop of red from your purse. Amazing shoes too. They'll definitely be great for the summer.

  14. You looked so cute that evening! Hope all your studying went well.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  15. The red just pops so much in these photos. Love it. So, you're free now? HOW LOVELY. I'm so damn close. Two tests, one paper, and a few other minor things and I'm free! Until May 21. But at least that's something.

    Oh um, yes, read The Hunger Games. Do it. I'm pretty snobby when it comes to books, and I like them. Try it, you'll like it!

  16. You look darling and how much do I love your shoes! The pops of red look great in this outfit too. Have a great weekend.

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  18. nightgown?? Scandalous, lol! The dark outfit is so pretty with the pops of bright red,

  19. Wow Jenna, this is one of m favourite outfits on you everrr, so pretty! I had never thought this is a night gown, it looks like a fancy LBD and it's so perfect for getting dolled up with the glitter :)
    And the shoes and the pops of red are so amazing, very lovely outfit! <3

    Good luck for the exams!

  20. Lucky you! I still have a few weeks left! Anyways, I would've never guessed that dress was a nightgown! It's adorable, and love the pops of red of course!

  21. love this outfit, you look so pretty! :)

    // take a look: *MICROPHONEHEART.


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