Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Funny Valentine

Happy Valentines day lovelies. To me it's just an excuse to show you a cute picture of me and my funny valentine Duke. If he could, he would smother you all in puppydog kisses today.

Before I had my heart surgery I made a playlist of all the songs with the word heart in the title or in the song that I have on my ipod, I've added a few since then and thought I'd share it with you guys on this heart filled day. Kind of gives you an insight into my all over the place taste in music too :)
 I hope you spend the day with someone important to you (whether that be a lover, friend, family, or cute pet)

1. Heart of Gold-Neil Young
2. Rock Me Baby/Heartbreak Hotel- The Doors
3. Heartlines- Florence and the Machine
4. Don't go breaking my heart- Elton John
5. Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)- Florence and the Machine
6. Oh you delicate Heart- Hawksley Workman
7. Crazy on you-Heart
8. Closer to the heart-Rush
9. Stop draggin' my heart around- Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty
10. Only a broken Heart-Tom Petty
11. Heart and Soul-Ella Fitzgerald
12. Only Love can break your heart-Neil Young
13. The boy come home-Matthew Good
14. Help I'm alive (my heart keeps beating like a hammer)-Metric
15. Hearts all gone-Blink 182
16. Hungry Heart-Bruce Springsteen
17. Heart attack in a Layby- Porcupine Tree
18. Piece of my Heart-Janis Joplin
19. Search your heart-Scarlett Johansson and Pete Yorn
20. Rainin' in my heart- Neil Young
21. Heartbreaker-Led Zeplin
22. Rhythm of my Heart- Rod Stewart
23. My sensible heart-City and Colour
24. When your lonely heart breaks-Neil Young
25. Set me on fire-Matthew Good


  1. so sweet!


  2. Love you playlist :) And Duke looks so cute, enjoy your Valentines with him <3 xx

  3. So adorable - and great playlist!

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  4. Awww! You two are so cute! Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. You know I adore him <3
    Sounds like a great playlist!

  6. I love this picture of the two of you! :) <3 I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day.
    P.S. I had no idea that you had heart surgery. I had liver surgery three years ago. Kindred spirits.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. This picture is adorable! Duke is such a little sweet pea!

  8. Soooo adorable, you guys make the cutest couple! Hehe!

  9. Yaayy Led Zeppelin and Blink 182, I HEART them ;D
    Oh what clever plays of words I come up with...
    Anyway, your Valentine doggy looks adorable, you two are such a cuuute couple :)

  10. Oh and don't stress about the post, everything is good as long as I have it on Sunday ;)

  11. I want Duke to be my valentine! Theodore (the cat) wouldn't ever post for a snap like this


  12. Yeeaaaah Hawksley! Oddly enough, I guess about five years ago since it was before Matt and I started dating Hawksley and I were each other's Valentines over the phone! I was interviewing him for a feature I was doing before he went on tour and had just broken up with my ex so Hawksley, being the sweetest guy ever, said he'd be my Valentine! He's super underrated, glad to see him on here!

    And also yay for the ScarJo and Pete Yorn duet - I actually liked their collaboration a lot, happy you liked it too!

    Hope you had a great Vday with Duke love!

    Alexandra xo


    1. Thats so cute that you interviewed him and he was your valentine! I love Hawksley! One of my favorite albums is by him, and it reminds me of Vancouver, haha


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