Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The title is me cursing profanely.

Yesterday while taking my outfit pictures one of the legs on my tripod collapsed taking down my child (my canon 50D). The UV filter shattered and wedged itself to the actual lens, the lens isn't shattered but won't zoom. And my portable flash was cracked. So for the next 4-6 weeks I only have the body of my SLR, because everything else has been shipped out to be fixed. Saying I'm upset is a huge understatement.

I'm thinking about finding a cheap lens in the meantime because I photograph EVERYTHING, everyday. I was thinking a used 50mm or perhaps a 70-200mm, any suggestions on lenses? My brother says the 50 is great for portraits, which I do a lot of for friends/family, but for outfit photos? I can find either of those for used on ebay for not too bad. But I'd like some customer feedback.

Also, I went to get my boy rabbit a $15 teeth trim today which turned into a $280 doctors appointment for him. So when it rains it pours, I am officially poor. But I really can't imagine going 4-6 weeks without a camera....I have a couple outfit posts I took before my tripod decided it hated my life that I can use still. Stay tuned!

ps. My camera is over warrenty by 6 months, whoo hoo getting to pay to fix it allll myself


  1. I'm so sorry to hear this! Grrrrr. Your poor camera! And your poor bank account : ( I hope your rabbit has very clean teeth after that appointment!

    I wish you good luck from here on out! I'm sending you positive vibes!!

  2. Thank you!! I appreciate it! I need lots of positive vibes right now
    The bunbun will have very short and clean teeth, which makes him very happy

  3. Oh nooo! Im sorry for you, that sucks! t least your bunny has nice teeth again now ;)
    Hey I'm not a professional when it comes to cameras and lenses so if this is crap forget it, but I have a 18-55 zoom lens which works okay for the outfit photos. Hope this helps you?!

    Chin up, the 4-6 weeks will surely be over in no time!

  4. ohhh nooooo! how dreadful :/ that's exactly why i am reluctant to invest in a "real" camera. i'm way too much of a klutz... until my boyfriend decides to be at my blogphoto beck and call, i'll probably just keep plugging along.

    the sun will come out tomorrow! (?)

  5. $280 for a bunny appointment! Ouch! I hope everything works out with your camera, I would die, my camera is my life.

  6. Sorry to hear about the tripod fiasco! That is a total bummer to hear about your lens. Hopefully you find another one that is cheap! Also, how often do you take your rabbit to get teeth trims? I've never done this for Howard....he probably needs his chompers trimmed! xoxo

  7. Girl, I"m so sorry! That's a worst case scenario!

  8. oh no!!
    i hope you get it back soon!!
    my 50mm lens is about my favourite thing ever. seriously, it will change your life. i would definitely recommend it for taking portraits :]]

    Charlotte xxx

  9. Oh my God, I would have been absolutely devastated if I was in your position :( Your poor camera equipment, and poor you! Hopefully something really wonderful will happen to you within the next few days to make up for this disaster!

  10. Sorry to hear about your camera. My boyfriend is planning on buying a 70-200mm. If I were to choose between a 50mm and a 70-200mm, I would go for the 70-200mm. The price difference is just huge. Long angle lens work best for outfit my opinion. The 50mm works too, but it's more wide.

  11. Ahh thank you so much everyone!! I appreciate the feedback and sentiment!

    @ Bad taste toast, the lens I had was a 17-85, so hopefully it'll get fixed because it was perfect for outfits

    @ jennyboo, well mine has one crazy tooth that doesnt rub against the others so it needs to be trimmed every 6 weeks. But the rest only need to be done 1-2 times a year. I never had to get them done until last year when he was 4, he doesn't like chewing on things that keeps his teeth down.

    Thank you everyone for your lens suggestions, I'm definitely going to look into it :)

  12. Oh, so sorry to hear. I'm afraid that will happen with my tripod. Your last post looks lovely!

  13. Nooooo!!!! That's my worst fear actualized! You poor thing, I totally feel your pain... I can take a bunch of outfit pics for you if you want to tide you over for a bit-- I mean it! I would be loosing my mind if I were you :(

  14. oh no, thats something im always scared of if im taking my photos myself, so bad!! i hope you work it all out hun, oh and ill put your feature up next week :) xo

  15. @ vickie, that would be fun! Thank you :)

    @ emma, yay im excited!!

  16. Oh puppy, what a horrible thing! I'm so sorry about your camera, and about your rabbit. When it rains it pours, you're so right! Ugh. This payday I had way more money than usual but then a ton of unexpected expenses cropped up. It never ends! <3

  17. ugh, this is terrible!! I would recommend the 50 for now, but like you said not the best for portraits. Best of luck lady!!!


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