Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Inspiration

Taking a cue from some other bloggers I thought it would be a great idea to put together a post about some of my favorite looks from some of the blogs I read. There is always so much inspiration from other bloggers, it's kind of a good way to showcase it!
Inspiration this week:

Winter colours

Pops of yellow and florals (to cheer up any Canadian winter)

Print mixing!!

Feminine whites

1. The lovely and incredible Annebeth really knows how to work this long red skirt with her patterned top and white beret. Look at the movement!

2. Harriet, aka CityOfBugs on chictopia always has the best mix, this dress I think was gorgeous, and looked perfect with that cape!! Oh and the denim vest underneath. Genius.

3. Zoe cullie, not only is she unbelievably funny and witty, but the lady has mad style. I love the way she wore these trousers, and that she put on a scarf to make us in colder climates feel better. Thank you zoe!

4. Coury is a new discovery for me, her style is whimsical and feminine, even in trousers. I think I really need to try some trousers out, I love that both these ladies wore pink belts.

5. My fellow Edmontonian, and bravest soul for weathering the cold Shy! I can't get over these pictures still. That dress she thrifted is amazing, such a lovely floral and the pops of yellow kill me. So gorgeous.

6. PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion, another Canadian lady! As you can tell by the snow...She's also working a floral print and yellow scarf, I really love her blazer here. She has an amazing collection of thrifted blazers and they make me jealous

7. Emma who inspired me to start doing this weekly review is a gorgeous Australian redhead. I loove the way she mixed her prints here, I am obsessed with print mixing and she got it so right!

8. Delightfully tacky, one of the first blogs I started reading, because everything she puts on, I feel I would wear. She has an amazing sense of style, and I love floral and stripe print mixing so much.

9. Rebecca is one of the sweetest girls out there, I loove this dress on her, so feminine and cute, and the fact that she added this hat and her red lips makes it so great.

10. Violetheart, I love the way she wore these lights colours, layers and layers of them, and then those awesome tights. So amazing.
I hope you enjoyed these looks!


  1. thank you so much sweetheart! putting it up in my features list!

  2. I didn't know you were Canadian. Yay! I'm slowly finding more and more of us! I love Emma's print mixing here, she is such a doll!

  3. aww thanks dear, great idea to categorize it into trends your loving :) oh and my nailpolish, im not even sure, its one my sister gave me and i dont even know the brand i just decided to give it a go. i do have a revlon one thats really similar i think its called tropical or something? :) xo

  4. oh thank you so much!!! all of the looks are awesome, i love Shys picture with suitcase :).

  5. ohh i love all of these looks! especially the print mixing pictures, i'm such a sucker for that trend :)

  6. ugh with the suitcase yeesh thats what i get for not reading my comment over lol

  7. Thanks so much for the feature! Gotta try to stay inspired even when you dont wanna brave the outdoors!! Hope you had a good weekend!


  8. Coury is so glamorous and feminine and sweet! I love her style and her blog. These ladies really are all somethin' else.

    I'm so spoiled to not have to deal with snow and cold temperatures. I start to forget until I look at your blog, hehe.

    I think Delightfully Tacky is one of the best blogs because Elizabeth hasn't changed what she wears because of her success, if that makes sense. She still buys thrift/affordable. Very few things say "c/o" in the outfit descriptions. I don't mind when bloggers do make it big and get lots of freebies and stuff, but it is nice to see someone who has achieved a great level of success but still manages to maintain a style that anyone can afford.


  9. @ sophi, yeah I think thats why I can relate to delightfully tacky so much, because she doesn't spend a ton of money on her clothes. She shops at places I can actually afford!

  10. Thanks for the link, such a sweet compliment. And I promise, really, I'm not just saying this because I'm in it but I really love this kind of post from you, I hope to see more!!

  11. You can always count on Chictopia for fashion inspiration! These are some great photo choices
    xo Cara

  12. Aw thank you so much for featuring me! It means so much, I'm flattered to be among the girls you picked! I love the looks you chose :):)
    -violetheart xxoo

  13. Oh wow, so honoured that you included me in this :D all of the other photos here are very inspiring indeed! thanks so much :D xx


Thank you for the love!