Thursday, December 30, 2010

Don't Let it Bring you Down

Oh Hi, I'm freezing in these photos, if you couldn't tell. But I really wanted to photograph what I wore to my dads birthday dinner yesterday. Old man's 55 now! We had a good meal with my family, godparents and Bryce.
It was -21 today, and tomorrow the high is -5? I live in the most bizarre place. The temperature often bounces up and down by 20 degrees between days....
This is one of the sweaters my mom bought me for christmas. So cute. The detailing around the neck and the buttons? Yeah, my mom did a good job. I really like the colour combination of the white and the teal and black. And that pretty pendant Bryce's mom got me for christmas. I got two absolutley gorgeous pendants for christmas, but I need to find a different chain for the other one, the one I have doesn't fit through the little hoop. I may use a black ropey one I have because I want to wear that pendant!
For tomorrow night I am going to a little party for new years eve at a friend's house. It should be fun, I have no idea what I should wear though....I think it's a more casual party. I'm really looking forward to 2011. My new years resolution? To be healthy, for all my surgeries to go smoothly and to be positive! What about you? Any new years plans/resolutions?


Ohhh, AND I got my haircut yesterday, it's so nice when it gets thinned out. It's a bit of a darker colour now which I love. It's like I dunked my head in red wine. Mmm
sweater & skirt- F21
Socks- Ardene
Shoes- Payless


  1. Oooh! I absolutely adore the cameo buttons on your sweater! It is SO CUTE! (And your hair is, as always, perfect!)

    <3 Ashley

  2. Ok you have such an amazing blog! I'm your newest follower.

    That skirt is absolutely gorgeous on you. Love this whole outfit.


  3. That sweater is so perfect.

    I'm also spending New Year's Eve at a friend's house, as she's having a casual party. As of right now, I have no idea what to wear. But I'll figure something out, as I'm sure you will too! Happy New Year!


  4. ohs miss jenna! you always manage to look so lovely even if it's freezing outside!
    love the sweater you got for christmas, it looks amazing with the teal skirt!
    enjoy your new years! xo

  5. Cute skirt! My friend almost picked the same one up the other day. Happy New Year to you : )

  6. Wow. Your mom totally picked a winner, I love this cardigan! Especially the- can it really be?- cameo buttons! Amazing :) I am officially in love. Wishing you a wonderful new year, sweetie. Best of luck on the fourth of January!


Thank you for the love!