Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chasing green grass

Is it just me or do I look shoeless? Today is the last day of MY week, tomorrow is Rememberance Day, so we have no school and no school on friday. Hoooray. Except I have lots of studying to do. And working! Yes working!! Hooraaah. And my best friend is coming to town!! So this should be a very excellent long weekend :)
I had a midterm today so I wanted to dress casual, but I found this skirt at the bottom of my drawers and was dying to wear it. It's lace and beautiful, but seemed too dressy. When I paired it with this flannel I thought it worked perfectly. To add some colour to this two tone look I threw on my pair of red paisley print tights from F21. I really do love the pattern on them. With my studded flats and a few accesories I was comfy and chic studying and writing my midterm today. Who said studywear had to be frumpy?
I really do love this skirt, rediscovering clothing is the best feeling ever, it's new again without having to spend money! I've already found a few more ways to style it and am quite pleased. While I like to wear my flannel with lot's of stuff in the winter, the idea to wear it with such a feminine skirt came to me from Rebecca, you should really check out her blog, she's got fantastic style!!
I must run to work now though!
Love, peace, and monkey grease

Nail polish is called "Mrs. Oleary's BBQ" fabulous. It does seem to be the colour of rib sauce


Forever 21 (I rarely ever have an outfit solely from F21!)

Also I think I found the only patch of green grass let for these pictures!!


  1. Beautiful! Adore your skirt and tights!

  2. Thanks Jenna!! You look amazing in this as well!! I love the mix of it with the pasely tights which are a find themselves!

  3. That's a very nice skirt and I love those tights. The outfit is perfect for the setting. Thanks for sharing the photos and visit me too when you have time.


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  5. That skirt is to die for!

    I definitely should take a page out of your studywear book. I end up doing my serious work in jeggings and a sweater nine times out of ten...


  6. Ahh Rebecca thank you so much!! Thats awesome!! I really appreciate it.

    Sophi, I don't always dress up this much for a day of studying, but I do dress up for school 3 or 4/5 days. Sometimes my studying clothes are jeans, chunky cardigans, scarfs, comfy boots. But it's always nice to find something comfy thats a little more stylish and mix things up!

  7. This is a great outfit. And may I add I absolutely love your hair! Oh and I found your blog while perusing through Chictopia. It's a really nice blog:)

  8. Why thank you!! I like yours as well :)

  9. SO cute again! I love how you mixed colors and textures in this outfit. Bold!

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog- it's one of my new favorites!!


Thank you for the love!