Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mamas got a brand new bag

My pumpkin snowman!! He is missing his arms though. So fun
Good evening...This is my new bag. And she's gorgeous. So soft and suple, such a rich colour. Mmmm.

My old purse committed suicide the other day, I was walking to my car and both straps just fell off!! It was ridiculous. And made me sad, because I really dont have much money right now, but I got a good deal on this baby @ winners. Winner's is the best for deals on purses.


This is what I wore to study this weekend, that cardigan is super comfy and I added a long sleeve shirt for extra warmth because its gotten very cold here in the past few days. The high today was only 1 degree celcius and it was raining. Snow is a coming!! Ahh! Also I don't know how I feel about this sweater belted? I'm not too sure. It was really comfy and perfect for the day of studying and the chilly weather. I really like the light pink sweater with all the green accessories, and the dark sweater.

My best friend and his wife had their baby boy tonight!! I'm so excited to meet little Zakk and be an auntie! I get to go visit him tomorrow after my long day of classes.


This evening I spent carving pumpkins!!!


  1. Cute outfit! I just found you on Chictopia, saw that you're from Edmonton (I just moved here!) and had to check out your blog... it's super cute! Following you now-- Edmonton bloggers need to stick together! :)


  2. Thank you!! I will definatly follow your blog, Edmonton is not often known as a very fashionable city, good to see others who love fashion here!

  3. Great pumpkins! Your red bag is so adorable, too. I saw you on Chictopia, and I really like your style :)Following on bloglovin!


  4. I had a purse completely loose its straps too! So love this and the color of your new bag!! :)

  5. Thanks!! Haha, I hate when bags loose their strapes, its happened too many times for me to even count!

  6. Yay! on Edmonton bloggers to stick together: I have just started creating my own bloggy too - check it here:


Thank you for the love!