Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baby it's cold outside

Look at all that snow!!!Greetings my lovelies. As you can see, it snowed here. Yupp. That time of year again, it's been super chilly the past few days! Today the high was -2 degrees celcius, it's going to get down to -10 tonight! Brr! So needless to say I'm trying to dress in layers and keep warm on the way to/from school and trudging around campus. It looks so pretty out with the snow though! So I can't be that mad
This is what I'm wearing to school, my favorite dress from urban outfitters with a plaid top belted on top of it. I love this plaid, the green is so nice an plaid is always gret for winter. I threw on my purple beanie to keep my head nice and warm. And of course my new red purse. Thought I'd mix the print up a bit with my polka dot tights too.
Brrr, it's supposed to get a little warmer by the weekend! Hopefully because its halloween!
xJennaDSorry the pictures are so dark, it's getting dark here earlier and earlier...boo
Plaid top- F21
Dress- Urban Outfitters
Tights- H&M

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  1. Am so in love with this outfit!! Can't believe you've got the snow :)


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