Monday, September 27, 2010

White Hot

First of all: My hair is no longer brown and pink :O!!! I had kept my hair like that for years, literally over 2 years. It was time for a change!! It is now a lovely purplish red shade that I adore. Thank goodness for godmother's who do one's hair for free! And do a good job I must add!
Second off: It is finally hot out here! As i type this from my deck it is 25 degrees out and it hasn't been this warm since middle/end of august! I am enjoying it considering I didn't get to wear my summer dresses very much this summer. This is one of my favorite summer dress, I love the 50's type retro feel to it. And whats not to love about the print? I got several compliments on it today, which is always nice. It was funny because it was mostly from my male friends, hmm. Slightly odd, but perfectly fine by me
Oh did I mention? My's a spoon. Yeah a spooon. I love finding random treasures at the farmers market!! Anyways after handing out several resumes, I have gotten myself a job interview! So I am off, hopefully by the end of this week I will be employe. I'm hoping I will get a job where I can hang out in the evenings and study, or else this year may be a little more challenging than it already is
-Love JennaD

my hot face

outfit: dress/belt-vintage, shoes-winners, jacket-random shop

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