Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy monday

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, I most certainly did! It was nicer friday/saturday than it had been lately (about 12 degrees, if one want's to call this "nice")
  • I had my first pint friday since my surgery, a crisp, cold, Richard's White. Delicious. And drunken...yeah after one pint, that's what happens when you don't drink for 4 and a half weeks....
  • My mom did good on her promise to take me shopping for my birthday after I was more healed from my surgery. We hit up forever XXI, and Urban Outfitters, as well as a few others but that's where I found the most deals. 2 dresses half off at Urban, and one top half off (I am a bargain shopper no matter what). Got a bunch of sweaters/tops and a dress at forever (INCLUDING A BUNNY SWEATER! yeah I'm excited, it's the cosiest thing in the world). I am excited planning outfits for school
  • Went and saw "the town" saturday, and I was impressed, Ben Affleck you have redeemed yourself. I like him as a director quite a bit actually (Gone Baby Gone, and The Town), we polished off the night by going bowling!
  • Sunday was boring, I studied my bum off, but then got to go to the gym for the first time since my surgery!! It was glorious, I missed it so. I worked my arms (starting back at light weights 7-10lbs) and my legs, biking, leg press etc. My bum/thighs/arms are now sore and it is glorious!!
Anyways, today it's been rainy and shitastic as usual, but the end of the week is looking up weatherwise!
Hope you had a hip hop happenin weekend

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