Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to school

It's monday....and I went back to school! I am happy to be back, classes are looking good this term, I am taking some interesting psychology classes (Clinical psychology, psychology of psychometrics, and developmental psychology). I'm nervous and excited, it's going to be a lot of work but it's my last year! I'm still not 100% physically but everyday is better than the last. The weather here has gone crazy, usually september is still a fairly warm month and is lovely but it is cold and getting colder! It was only 5 degrees when I left for the bus this morning!! Absolutly ridiculous. So yesterday I went and bought a nice new warm coat. So, I kind of like the way the horizontal photos look. Hmmm, maybe I'll be switching it up! Oh and my wonderful friends and boyfriend suprised me last night. Bryce and I were going out for dinner and when we got to the resteraunt there was 8 of my friends waiting there for me!! My friend Nickie said she decided to do this because I had such a terrible summer and crappy surgeries, awww. I love them all!! My new coat! It's so soft and nice. I love the shape and colour of it. Brrrrr, so chilly!


  1. I can't tell you how happy I am to have come across your blog! I loooove your style so much (yes, I went through all your older posts, hehe)!
    Finally another college girl who posts the outfits she really wore and not something just for the picture! Can't wait to hear/read more from you!

    xo, Diana
    Songs and Fairy Tales

  2. Thank you soo very much! I really appreciate it, it's always so nice to hear that! I definatly wouldn't change for my pictures it's always something that I wear to class/out with friends :)


Thank you for the love!