Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tips for the smart shopper

My friend and I are going shopping later on this week and I feel there are a few tips one should follow before they go on a serious shopping trip to keep themselves sane. There are so many stores, styles, and options that this whole experience can become quite overwhelming. In getting overwhelmed you can make a snap decision, purchase an item you 1) don't really want/need 2) is more than you really want to pay 3) doesn't necessarily suite your style. When you walk into a store jampacked with items, loud music pumping on the speakers and the heat cranked up too high it could be the makings to a shopping fiasco. I personally love shopping whether it's vintage, thrift shopping, or simply going to the mall, I think of it almost as a sport. And I'd like to believe I've become quite a good shopper out of my experiences.

1. First and foremost, EAT SOMETHING, make sure you've had a meal before you begin your shopping trip. Nothing is worse than a tummy making rumbles, feeling dizzy from lack of food or getting frustrated because you're undernourished. You need fuel people, shopping takes a lot of energy, sometimes a lot of patience, and sometimes a lot of walking. Make sure you don't just eat anything, eat something healthy, and better yet something that won't make you bloat up. Also take it easy on the caffine, nothing worse than being so jittery and hyped up that you think that the cowboy boots, mini pink tutu and striped top is a great sartoral choice....picture that....
2. Bring a good shopping companion, or go it alone. Depending on what you prefer. Don't bring your ultra hipster friend if your style is more boho chic, you will clash on ideas and maybe something she (or he) doesn't like isn't because it doesn't look great you just have different views. Take someone who is HONEST (but not cruelly so..) when you ask for someone's opinion nothing is more frustrating then a shrug and a "yeah it's alright"...thanks for that! Also, in my experience if you want to do a lot of shopping, don't bring the boyfriend, he will get bored, he may get moody, and chances are he thinks you'd look best in a mini skirt and bra (sorry, they're a visual gender). Not exactly the chic look you're going for no? However, some men are good to bring, I bring mine and every now and then, especially because I know we have different views on fashion, I like getting pieces he and I both enjoy. But on those days when I want to get a lot done, going it myself and listening to that little voice in my head helps me think clearer.
3. Have an idea of what you're looking for. Or else you will get lost, confused, and end up purchasing things you don't need. Know what item's you need, not just lust for. There's no point in buying a bunch of lovely new tops if you have absolutly no bottoms to wear it with...
4. Know your style know your style! The ability to realize what you will and will not wear is important, you need to buy items that will fit in with and be able to mix with all your other clothes. Of course you should buy certain stand out pieces, but when you buy things that aren't really your "style" you may end up not wearing it ever. I'm not saying you have to be "rocker" or "relaxed chic" etc, I mix elements from all different areas, but I know when something just isn't me, no matter how badly I want to be able to pull it off, it won't be me. I know in my heart I am not a bohemian type of girl, although I love the way these clothes look and the air of the individuals who do it well, it would look on me as if i were playing dress up...Sigh.
5. Know your body, your shape, your size. You will purchase unflattering clothing if you don't have an understanding of your body and what silhouettes flatter you. It doesn't matter if you're 5'11 or 5'3, 120 lbs or 190 lbs...learn what flatters YOUR body, not anyone elses and you will be on the right track, it will make shopping easier. You will know what you're looking for.
6. BUDGET, I cannot stress this enough....know how much you're willing to spend or else I can gaurentee you will spend more than what you're comfortable with, and no matter how splendid your purchases, they cannot fill up your tank of gas or pay for your lunch!
7. Do not buy something just for the sake of buying it and having something new. Oh the times I have done this, and worn the thing once and left it in my closet to gather dust. Especially don't do this if it's something super trendy...not a good idea.
8. Have fun already, it's just shopping, it's not like you're taking the MCAT. It should be fun, to touch and pull through racks of clothing, to try numerous things on and off even if you don't necessarily buy anything it gives you a good idea of what does and does not work.

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