Friday, August 13, 2010

Rainy Day Lover

Another rainy day, this summer I seem to love rainy days because I get them off work. Unfortunatly saturday is my last day of work so I probably should be working BUT I have soo much stuff to do. I am undergoing surgery again on tuesday (august 17th) which is exactly 3 day before I turn 21. Good timing no? Ohhh welll. I am having my birthday party this saturday and it is indeed Surgery Themed! I am getting really excited now, we had a rainout day thursday and again today so I was able to get a lot done. I finally redyed the pink part of my hair and was able to sew my costume yesterday. And I am baking cupcakes...lots and lots of cupcakes. About 60...chocolate, vanilla (with pink dye), lemon (with blue colour dye), and spice. I really love baking cupcakes. Anyways this is the outfit I wore to go shopping with my lovely friend Leandra (who is sadly moving away in september for school). We both got quite a few items and it was a very successful trip. I forgot to add that to my post yesterday, make sure you wear something you like and is comfy/easy to take on and off when shopping. Nothing worse than struggling to take off your clothes and put them back on. I was drinking ginger lemon tea in these photos which I bought in the little town of Barrhead, it's quite excellent tea. Anyways I am enjoying my rain day! Off to check the cupcakes :)
Love, JennaD outfit: tshit-forever 21, jacket-little shop in Barrhead, scarf-Liquidationworld (seriously!), sandals-army&navy, jeans-Mauvi


  1. that scarf looks so cozy! Also, I love your hair! I've really been wanting to put color in mine and you've pulled it off fantastically.

  2. Thank you very much!! Ive had it like this for sooo long, you should definatly try, its easy enough to dye your hair again :)


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