Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lady Luck

Lady luck as it appears is most certainly not my friend, not on my side and doesn't really like me at all. As I posted I was going in to try to have my stent put in AGAIN. They tried it in may left me with a torn femoral in need of replacement. Well this time they made it a little more interesting. They got in there to see the narrowing of my Aorta was more than they thought (even though we did an MRI, a few echos, ultrasounds etc) they got the stent in though, blew it up (even though they couldn't do it to a "normal" size). Then somehow they lost it..... It became dislodged and floated on down my aorta and somewhere into my abdomen. Time for the emergency Laparotomy, in which they cut me open once again this time my wound is about 8 inches up and down from right below my breasts to right below my belly button....
So I spent my 21st birthday in the hospital...recovering from my second surgery to go wrong in 3 months. Not exactly the way I had planned, I knew I would be in recovery but it was supposed to be an easy 1 week recovery not another 5-7 week recovery. I don't exactly know what this does for my schooling now, but I am not about to think of it.
Worst part of this all? Waking up at 3am with a ventillator shoved down my throat, not knowing where I am, or what had happened to me, alone. Needless to say I panicked. Who wouldn't? Waking up with a tube down my throat was a big fear of mine, and it was just as terrible as I had thought. They had told my family they'd keep me sedated until 7am so they should go home, unfortunatly I came out early.
BUT, I am home now, I am starting to heal after 5 days in the hospital!! I had A LOT of visitors and support throughout all this. My mom slept at the hospital the whole time I was there (which was amazing of her). My wonderful boyfriend was there, my dad, my younger brother and even my older brother drove down from Victoria to see me (!) I have an amazing family and amazing friends who I am so thankful for and I know I can count on. I love everyone so much, and thank them for their support. I got up and was out of bed the very day after the surgery, which absolutly astonished the doctors. They said my scar is healing very well and the staples will be out by next week. I am a fighter and am going to kick recovery's ass I have decided.

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