Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Feels like just another day

Like one more dead town's last parade. It feels like time ain't time at all. Take me out, lay me down
Let the dirt fall all around me
Baby ain't it good to be back home?
They're burning futures in the mountains
All lit up, ya you can count yours
Baby ain't it good to be back home?
I have been listening to Matthew Good's album Vancouver all day long. The lyrics above are from the song "last parade". I was supposed to work yesterday and today but it was raining so much I didn't have to. Yesterday I was able to sleep in lots and it was really great. I needed it. My friend Nakael and I met up yesterday had lunch, shopped around whyte ave a bit then went and saw "Descpicable me" which was amusing! I really wasn't expecting to not work today but that's alright, I got a lot done. I went to the gym for 2 hours and had an amazing workout. I'm feeling really good these days. Back to myself, now hopefully it stops raining so I can work and make the money to pay the bills.
Mas Amo, JennaD outfit: dress-army&navy, blazer-Silence & Noise, tights-H&M, booties-Payless

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