Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like......May?

Sooo on tuesday morning this is what I awoke to....and trapped me indoors for the entire day. We received about 17 inches of cold, wet, snow. It was very cold, but I couldn't resist going outdoors for the last (hopefully) snowstorm of the season. I didn't post these any earlier because I was waiting for the weather to change for the better so that this would make me a little less sad haha. It did look beautiful but in may is not very welcome. Most of it is melted now, and it's back around the 10 degree mark. Oh Alberta, only you....Anyways enjoy my photos from my cold snowy adventures!!
-Jenna D
ps. worst part was all the leaves were green and blossoming!!

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  1. Oh, hooray! I'm not the only one with wet, cold toes and really bad attitude about it :)

    I came to comment about that amazing neon floral bustier I saw you in on Chictopia, but obviously I got distracted. But I very much enjoyed that.

    Haiku Ambulance


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