Friday, May 14, 2010

Bunny Love

BUNNIES!!! These are my two "children" Smokey and Tiger (who I've come to call just fat....because she is, but a lovable pretty fat!). I took these photos to enter "the chic and the fuzzy" on because I think my pets are pretty damn cute. I've had rabbits since I was about 12 and they make great pets, they kinda smell sometimes but they cuddle and aren't super noisy. The brown one aka "Fat" lives outside all year long because she's big enough to, the other one is a mini lop so he lives inside during the cold, cruel alberta winters! I also have two very old dogs, a bunch of fish and we just recently lost our bird "Steve McQueen". Anywho, hope everyone had an excellent week, and hopefully you have something small, fuzzy and cuddly to love you unconditionally as well.
-Jenna D

outfit: H & M blue dress, thrifted gold belt, Tommy Hilfiger wedge shoes

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