Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So why a blog?

Why might you ask have I decided to take it upon myself in my already crazy life to commit to this. Mostly it's because my life is so crazy that I've decided to start this up. I love photography and I love fashion, but with being a full time student and working part time I find I don't have enought time to devote to photography. I also have a lot to say regarding fashion and I have always been very passionate about it. I remember when I was about 8 years old watching FTV, glued to watching whatever was coming down the runways. Since then this passion has only intensified and will be something I love forever. In my spare time I am always looking at the photoshoots in Vogue, Elle etc and admiring the clothing. I like to think I am very creative in the way I dress and more than one individual has referred to me as "eclectic". I like to think that I can try a little bit of everything in my style depending on my mood.
I am going to school to be a psychologist which is also something I have always been very passionate about. There has always been something about what makes people behave in the ways they do that has always aroused curiosity in me. I am one year away from getting my BA in psychology, hopefully will take some time off for travel and then get my masters and be able to practice as a clinical psychologist.
Being a student has influence my style to an extent, for example heels on a daily basis is unrealistic, I have to walk across campus multiple times a day carrying textbooks, a laptop etc. And living in Edmonton in the winter it can get to about -30 degrees celcius, very chilly. However, there is a university student "uniform" that I have never been one to conform to. Sweatpants, tucked into ugg boats, sweatshirts, or head to toe lulu lemon. This is not for me, I wear my sweats to and from soccer/the gym and that is all. I don't own uggs and no matter how comfy everyone else says they are my faux leather buckled boots are just as good and warm. I like looking different from everyone else and couldn't imagine dressing that way. Getting dressed up and wearing interesting things is one of my biggest motivations for getting up in the morning! So I hope to chronicle my everchanging and developing sense of style as well as my hopefully improving photography skills!
-Jenna Stevie

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