Friday, March 7, 2014

Fitness Friday: Team Effort

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Good morning! I know for a lot of people have an aversion to going to the gym or working out alone, I know it can be incredibly intimidating. But there are other options!
Joining a co-ed sports team or a beer league is a great way to round up a group of friends and get some physical activity once or twice a week and have a good time. It's a great way to break up your activity if you are a regular gym goer as well, I look forward to my soccer Sundays every single week because I have a great team of girls!
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Another fun way to get involved in fitness with friends would be taking a class together, drop in on a boot camp, a flow yoga class or something like that. You could end up finding something you really love to do.
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  1. i agree...a group is a great motivator. all of my friends are so busy and we're all over the place, so i guess that's why i like running. i can do it alone, for now! as we get closer to the marathon, i will be relying on my friends for those longer runs!!

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  2. Glad to know about your yoga classes which help in maintaining fitness. I am looking to join yoga but don’t have any good yoga wear. Searched online and came across carbon 38 workout clothes. Have ordered few of them and waiting for them.


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