Thursday, January 16, 2014

Stick Around

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The day I realized you could put tees or shirts overtop of dresses and make them look like separates was the day my wardrobe grew 2x. It's genius and such a simple way to get more use out of your items! I am all about getting millage out of all my pieces.
  Take this dress for example, this baby has been rocking out in my closet since '11. It's a babydoll style dress that actually on it's own does not do anything for me, but when paired with other pieces I love it. I think it helps that the colours and subtle floral print lend itself to be mixed well. It's managed to hang on through all the purges of my closet, I think that has something to do with the fact that it's chiffon and feels lighter than air. 
I apologize for all the snow on my lower half in these photos, I had to make a path through 2 feet of snow to get to my favourite photo spot. The things we do for blog love
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Outfit: Dress/belt-Costa Blanca, Top-U.O, Boots-Payless, Watch-Fossil, Studded Bracelet-Simons, Ring-F21, Moon Raven Designs, Necklace-H&M


  1. I've been putting sweaters over dresses all winter long ...but t-shirts?! How have I never thought of this. I think you just expanded my wardrobe as well too! Such a pretty look here Jenna. I love the lacy t-shirt with the scooped back. It actually looks like it's one piece instead of two separates. xoxo

  2. All perfectly accessorized as usual.

    Also, I would never have guessed that that was a dress and not a skirt!

  3. I totally love this trick for dressing too. Such a great use of working with what you own! =)

  4. You look so great in these pictures. How are you not frozen to death? I would die with short sleeves. You must be a champ! Also how did you make the t-shirt over dress look so amazing and easy? I usually have to knot it in the back to make it not look wide and bulky.

    1. This ones a crop top so it fits perfect over dresses! I try to only do photos on warm days ;) But when it is really cold and get them over and done with super fast haha

  5. i keep meaning to try this with my dresses...such a great way to utilize what you already have in your closet. nice manicure!!

  6. Ha ha, it's so true about layering skirts (or sweaters) and dresses... it's so simple but so few people think of it, when you tell someone you've done it they act like you're a genius. I honestly couldn't live with out it, though - I don't own all that many skirts, just a lot of dresses that I put sweaters over! Speaking of dresses, the one you're wearing here is so simple and elegant, I can't help but love it :)

  7. Your nails! And the subtle print on your shirt!

    And dude you're right, layering things over dresses is pure magic the first time you discover it. Feels like you unlocked the universe of closets, haha.

  8. i do that too - put shirts/sweaters over dresses. gives me much more options for skirts haha. love

    xo, Carla

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  10. haha oh the blogging dedication! and i still remember the moment i found out that layering trick too- my brain near exploded. love that dress, it's so pretty!

    xo marlen

  11. This photos are gorgeous! I love when I realize I can layer things to make them look like new items - love that I'm not alone in that!


  12. I call myself "guilty" of this little wardrobe trick because I do it all. the. time! And funny, I have a little floral chiffon number that seems to be primetime for these types of outfits as well! Just like yours, mine has stayed through many a purge, and been with me since...2010? I have to add that I love the socks (where are those from??) AND I am impressed by your ability to take pictures outside in the freeeeezing cold! I tried this weekend and it was just windy (no snow) and I couldn't!

    perfectly Priya

  13. SUCH a cute outfit. I love seeing floral in winter!

    Xo, Hannah


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