Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Light Headed

 photo stripes_zpsf271a175.jpg
I, like most other Edmontonians have been avoiding going outside at all costs this past week or so. With the temperatures dipping WELL below freezing the last little while and all the snow I have been very ambivalent to getting a lot done. That goes with blogging too, besides that, the sun sets at around 3pm these days! Serious blogger problems...
So, I keep saying I'm going to grow my hair out and then I go to the hairdressers and I say "take it all off". I suppose I've become lazy now, because it's sooo easy to do! But we added more red just in the time for the holidays ;) I definitely had to take advantage of the weather once it got a little bit warmer out, shedding my tons of coats and sweaters. And by warmer I mean only -7 compared to -25 degrees.I adore this striped onsie, and love how it looks paired with this rust skirt and topped off with this denim vest. This piece was such a great lightweight piece for summer, and is perfect for topping off any layered look now that it's winter.
 photo stripes3_zpsafda5e02.jpg photo stripes1_zps8019d573.jpg photo stripes2_zps7b220699.jpg
Outfit: Skirt-Via Vickie, Onsie-Bamboo Ballroom, Vest-Simons, Necklace-c/o saraswati designs, rings-Vintage, Moon Raven Designs, Watch-Fossil


  1. Trying to get photos before it gets dark is so hard these days - I've actually pretty much given up.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. Love the hair! Taking photos in the winter is so hard, ugh!

  3. How are you out there without a coat?!?! I love the red, it looks so pretty and vibrant. I guess since you're more north the sun sets earlier, what a bummer :(

    1. The magic of being a crazy canadian ;)

  4. looking pretty spiffy, albeit cold! :)

  5. Your hair is looking awesome!! And yes, so freezing out. I've been hibernating as much as possible... and threatening to not come out until spring. Haha! ;)

    By The Shore, a life + style blog

  6. You're out there in a t-shirt when it's -7??? Wow, you are a true Edmontonian girl. It was about -8 today, and I literally wanted to cry. Keep in mind, wind chill made it feel like -15 LOL

    Your hair looks great with the red! I'm so much like you in that I plan to grow my hair, but as soon as I sit in that chair, I lose all logic.

    xoxo Jackie
    Something About That

    1. I usually would think it's cold, but ya know after a week of -30 it felt balmy.
      Thank you!!

  7. I need to know your hair secret. First of all, how do you make it look so long and elegant when it's really so short? And second, what do you use to make it so shiny? As a newly short-haired gal, I need tips :) And seriously, how brave are you to have bare arms with all that snow on the ground. And you look cute, too, not just shivery! That takes skill.

    1. I really should do a hair post!! I will definitely try to do that now that I have a few weeks off from school. And thank you!! I wasn't feelin it but I love the feedback I'm getting on it :)
      These pictures were taken VERY quickly haha

  8. look absolutely beautiful
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  9. as much as i long for some cold, frigid weather, this island girl would not be able to handle!! haha. but i do wish i could frolic in the snow for a day!! such a cute mix here, jenna!

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  10. Love both the combo and the new short hair.

    And definitely sympathize with your over the cold. It's been that cold here too. No one wants to be out for sure!

  11. Short hair just always looks more instantly stylish than long hair. It's more unique too. I feel like 90% of girls are like, oh I have to have long hair derp derp. Yours always looks cool and I love how your hair cut turned out. I had mine really similar about five years ago with the inverted bob really short in the back. It looks so cute on you.

    But anyyyway. I wish you the best of luck with that cold weather. I'm in Illinois right now so it's pretty cold here. I think it'll be something like 7 degrees Fahrenheit low today. You're brave to be out there without a coat! You look super cute though. I love the studded vest with your striped shirt.


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