Monday, December 16, 2013

Ice Princess

 photo ice_zps1519a7d3.jpg
Good Morning my loves! I hope everyone had a spectacular weekend and are ready for the week ahead. It's hard to believe that Christmas is literally right around the corner! I've done most of my shopping, and am ready for the holiday parties to start now that I've finished my exams.
All summer long I was obsessed with my floral headcrowns and when I saw it laying forlorn on my bedroom floor I knew it was time to bust it out again. Who said floral's are just for summer?! There's something about a floral headcrown that just makes me feel awesome and ready to frolic. Unfortunately this time around I was frolicking through 2 feet of snow, but beggars can't be choosers. This outfit is essentially all my favourite things from summer remixed floral headcrowns, this sheer crop top and the comfiest maxi dress ever. It's funny how things can work so easily from summer to winter if you layer.
Also, don't worry, I wasn't freezing, it warmed up to above zero this weekend. It's crazy what a change of 20 degrees will do.
 photo ice1_zps4f95f44e.jpg photo ice4_zps2ff229dc.jpg photo ice5_zps0f60d4bc.jpg photo ice3_zps0dce8ae9.jpg
Outfit: Dress-Oak and Fort, Belt-Gap, Necklace-c/o Saraswati designs, Headcrown-Bamboo Ballroom, Crop Top-U.O, Boots-Auvigne and Jones, Rings-Vintage/Moon Raven Designs


  1. Those flowers look absolutely stunning in your hair!!!

    I love this long monochrome look too. Isn't it funny indeed what 20 degrees can do?

  2. I love how you pulled your flower crown out for winter! I was just putting mine away yesterday feeling a little sad... This outfit is so adorable, I wish I could put on a skirt right now. I'll just live vicariously through you for now :)

  3. Love the hair! It's so perfect with the flower crown! :D

  4. I love your hair! Did you recently get it cut? it looks great! I love how much warmer it was this weekend too! xx

  5. Ah you look gorgeous, I love the black with the floral crown. You are one brave lady to brave the snow with short sleeves. I always forget where in Canada you are, but I'm just across the lake from Toronto, basically, so I imagine it's just as cold or even colder where you are!

    xox Sammi

    1. I'm out west in Edmonton, Alberta!! It's usually colder...ugh!
      Thanks bb!

  6. you look like a snow princess in the best way! I love the dark outfit with your red hair contrasted against the snowy background! =D

  7. i like how the floral crown is like a part of your hair! its the same exact shade haha... and i know, tell me about how time flies! but i'm excited for Christmas and have done most of my shopping too. hope you're having a wonderful holiday!

    xo, Carla

  8. Isn't it crazy how your definitely of "warmer" weather changes based on the time of year? It looks freezing out there, but anything is warm compared to those temps you've been having.

    How do you manage to pull off these photos without looking like you're freezing?!

    xoxo Jackie
    Something About That

    1. It's funny because in fall 0 is freezing but in spring 0 is so warm!!
      I wasn't freezing so I was okay ;)

  9. i don't know how you can take photos in the snow! haha, i'm so wimpy--i get cold when it hits below 70 degrees outside O_o regardless, you look gorgeous! i love how you style maxi skirts. <3

  10. This outfit is gorgeous and so are you! I love the way that red floral crown looks with the red streaks in your hair. This maxi dress looks awesome with the crop top layered over it too. Hooray for transitioning warm weather clothes to winter. I always enjoy seeing how people remix their clothes that way.

  11. You really do look like an ice princess! I love the contrast between your super dark outfit and the bright white snow!

    Xo, Hannah


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