Friday, December 6, 2013

Fit Friday: What to Wear

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A very important part of getting you to the gym to work on yo fitness is clothes! Because you can't workout least not in public. As a fashion blogger you'd think I would have an extensive workout wardrobe too. I surprisingly did not until this year of starting school to be a fitness trainer. I decided it was time to step it up from working out in the same shorts and old ratty tanks, so now I have two pairs of shorts ;) But really, I invested in a couple pairs of comfy shorts, comfy tanks and tees and good shoes.
  • To me the shoes are the most important part, I used to have Nike's that I liked and now I have Merrell's from their barefoot collection that I LOVE, so light and amazing. It's also really important to get a good sports bra no matter what size your ladies are! Support them girls!
  • Don't get sucked in by brand, just because it's Lulu/Nike doesn't mean you HAVE to get it,. I have some Joe shorts I adore and majority of the stuff I wear on top are band tee's I've made into tanks or just racer back cotton tanks, I hate the spandex tops because I don't find them comfortable.
  • Try to have fun! Most of my stuff is just black/grey which is boring, so I have bright ass runners and sports bras! I'm also planning on getting some plum running shorts, because if I love it I'm just going to be more motivated to wear it and hit the gym :)


  1. When I began running this year I definitely went out and bought myself some new clothes as an incentive! I actually wanted to get out and run more because I felt good in the bright colors, I felt 'legit' haha. I've found a couple of ruched cotton tees that I love to run in, and I agree that shoes are most important! I also love compression gear because (maybe it's in my head) I feel like it helps me not to get tired as quickly. Those blue leggings are CUTE!

  2. I was never the gym type person so I never "cared" about what I wore and didn't bother with buying too many workout attire. But, ever since I started becoming more active in exercising I have noticed that I also started to care a bit more about what I had to wear. That didn't mean I ended buying expensive stuff but I wanted to look better since I felt better. =)

  3. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    So true - even though I don't go to the gym (I go runnung outside and do horse riding) I still always try to not look like I've just fallen out of bed. It does make a difference in the motivation if you have nice clothes to wear!

    Have the best day ever,


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