Thursday, November 14, 2013

Remix: Keys for everyone!

 photo keydress4_zpse6ed63e2.jpg  photo ce077cc0-619e-4fad-bf06-a65bb72cae86_zps6ff0491f.jpg photo 315353f5-74e3-4b2c-b770-58a88db7243f_zps76fd2ceb.jpg  photo 64a4c30c-28d2-4211-a09d-9868cc152757_zps1f9a0ed3.jpg photo 78c311ca-7706-48e2-acaf-10abf3cf44b3_zps2ac250c6.jpg photo dress-1.jpg
Keep Yourself Warm // Key Party
Float On // One-Eighty by Summer
This is one of those pieces that I bought because of the print that ends up being super useful to me. It's one of those "no brainer" pieces, that I've worn way more than it has appeared on the blog. It's such a great piece for summer because of the thin straps, light material, and pockets but I've figured out it translates perfect for fall/winter with a sweater over top! I love finding ways to translate a favourite summer piece into winter without being chilly. Plus the key print is fun ;)


  1. Love the key print! It's 'unlocked' some great remixes — bu da bum, cha! xx

  2. You are looking lovely- and yes, I totally do associate this print with you!

  3. This key print dress always looks so cute on you! I wish I had bought it when I saw it!

  4. What a cute dress--and you wear it cute, too! Maybe this is geeky but the key theme reminds me of that scene from the first Harry Potter =)


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