Sunday, October 13, 2013

Best of the Week

 photo sunday3_zpsb76f2210.jpg
Best of The Week:
Turkey dinner tonight and tomorrow night with my friend and family; Garlic baked brussel sprouts, omnomnom; Wine nights with my BFF; Autumn runs at the end of the day; Pumpkin Beers; Having my Cardiologist tell me how awesome my hearts doing; A long weekend after a long week; Mr.Duke all cuddled in blankets; Catching up with a friend I haven't seen in too long!; My amazing and hilarious friends; Cozy sweaters; Warm wool socks; Watching rom coms in bed when I'm sore and tired; Having someone pay for my parking at the Hospital on Monday; New neon runners; My family, loooove you crazy lot; Night out with my pals last weekend :)
   photo sunday_zps9ff308a4.jpg photo sunday1_zpsdbd9c4fd.jpg photo brr1_zpscd0cd244.jpg photo brr_zpsb9ff1d4e.jpg photo sundays1jpg_zps74d27a34.jpg photo sundays_zpsd130869a.jpg photo dukeinblankets_zps8b473609.jpg photo galpal_zps4bd75bd7.jpg
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  1. Your dog steals the show. Man he is cute.

  2. Aw, your dog has got camera posing spot on. :P Also love your hair and scarf in perfect matching black and red stripes!

  3. These posts always make me want to hop on a plane up to Canada and hang out with you. Sounds like life is great for you right now! And hooray for a healthy heart! :)


Thank you for the love!