Monday, September 16, 2013

The Wasp

 photo stripes1_zpsae27a01f.jpg
Good Morning loves! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, mine was so good but SO busy. I had the blog sale which went fantastically and was so much fun all day Saturday, then ran 5k for the terry fox Sunday morning followed by hitting the books. Busy weekends are fun but I'm feeling a bit under the weather now. My body isn't used to this go-go-go yet, more sleep, tea and vitamins!
Stripes are without a doubt one of my favourite go-to's for fall and winter. This dress fits my yearning for stripes perfectly, I love the different width of the stripes as well as the different directions they take. I added my spiked denim vest for a bit of layering (even though it's still strangely warm for this time of year) and my other fall obsession, my mustard bag. Nothing like mustard and stripes in the fall, amiright?!
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  1. I'm glad the sale went well - and that's such a cute dress. I can never seem to pull stripes off but they look brilliant on you!

    Courtney ~ http://www.sartorialsidelines.blogspot

  2. I love the varying stripe widths--they make the dress interesting.

  3. You look great!! I'm sad I missed out on the blogger sale this time but I'll do it for the next! Also, I'm sad I didn't see you yesterday! Hopefully see you soon!

  4. Mustard is the perfect fall colour... I don't know why but once fall comes around, I think it goes with everything. I love the way your mustard bag looks with this striped dress, it's such a cute combination! Sounds like you had a busy weekend, but at least it was a fun one :)

  5. Looking good, HB (you know what that stands for) — Loving that dress on you!

  6. such a cute outfit. I love the stripe dress. It's so flattering and so easy to wear! =)
    Glad you had a good weekend. They go by so quickly don't they?

  7. Cute cute cute, I love this outfit! The dress is lovely, so cool that the stripes are irregular, make sit much more interesting to look at :) I also love the vest and bag, perfect additions!

  8. Oh I love stripes too and this one really is perfect for autumn. So lovely!

  9. Mustard and stripes are quintessential fall! I love that you funk things up with a denim vest.

    Feel better soon. It's an awful time for colds. 2/3 in our house are down for the count.

    1. Ugh, worst! Everyones sick right now :(

  10. I really like your dress! The placement of the stripes is really interesting

  11. It sounds like you had such a fun and busy weekend!

    Xo, Hannah

  12. you've been so productive, Jenna! i've been meaning to tell you this and don't get offended or something but i think since the first time i saw your photos on this blog, your weight improved a lot... i mean, i'm actually quite envious that you're toning and shaping up. whatever you've been doing working out, it's definitely working! i'm inspired to do the same (let me on on your secret?) haha. anyway i love this dress.. but then again you have the cutest dresses and skirts.

    xo, Carla
    Little Miss Violet

  13. Not offensive at all! I appreciate that a lot, I've been working really hard actually and just started school to become a personal trainer so as that progresses I'm probably going to start up "fitnessfridays" ;)

  14. Love the dress and fits you really well! xoxo

  15. that is one beautiful dress! I love the quirky stripes. how they all went to different directions :)
    and your mustard bag is a nice touch of color

    The Sweetest Escape 

  16. what a fun dress! i love stripes, too, and the mix of stripes makes it a standout piece. great with the yellow!


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