Sunday, September 22, 2013

Best of The Week

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The blog sale last week, so much fun with so many awesome people; Feeling better after a week of being ill; a chill weekend; Bubble Baths!;  One of my best friends getting engaged!! So happy for you Cody and Kyle; The lovable MrDuke making me feel better when I'm sick; Super spicy vermicelli bowls; Pumpkin spice lattes, yum; Study dates with my friends; Hard/sweaty workouts helping me get my health back; Sweater Weather;
 photo c00a64fa-dcc9-4ac4-a7d5-2c7706a872d0_zpsb9f3968b.jpg  photo 2cd139c1-1804-4ca0-a009-699c32f66ba3_zps00403d3c.jpg photo 7ee6ed60-b071-4222-821f-42d09fdf7bfe_zpsdedeb02e.jpg  photo e5a0669d-befd-43fe-adc3-e243e4ae1996_zps3fb00a95.jpg  photo sun5_zps949c6148.jpg  photo sun2_zps65462265.jpg photo sun_zps14b50ff7.jpg
Vickie and her awesome fanny pack // Kastles and I being twinsies
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Thank you for the love!