Sunday, September 1, 2013

Best of the Week

 photo sunsun_zpsb4404e75.jpgD
Getting excited for back to school; Orientation for school; Froyo with one of my best friends; Relaxing out at the lake; How weird Duke sleeps and sits on my dad; Tasty mojitos; Eating dinner on the deck; Snuggles with Duke; Going for long walks and having great talks with friends; Ladies Niiiight; My soccer team not finishing last, whooo; Having something to look forward to; Being able to run without shin splints again; Crazy thunderstorms; When my dad takes my photos and makes RIDICULUS faces; Funky storm clouds; My awesome new travel mug;
  photo sunsun2_zps2f4198a3.jpg  photo sun7_zps77c0adc0.jpg
 photo sun2_zpsea243c4c.jpg  photo sun1_zpsc07c5709.jpg photo sun_zpsdb11ef3c.jpg  photo sunsun1_zps52370e87.jpg
This is obviously where I learned to make such stupid faces from :)
 photo sun5_zps8b796f6b.jpg photo sunsun1_zps589eedcc.jpg


  1. Sounds like a good week. Your dad is cute!

  2. Hihi aaaw the photos of you and your dad are so cute! :D

    And I love the travel mug, I want ittttt! <3

  3. Whoops I meant of Duke and your dad ;)

  4. Wowwww, those are some serious storm clouds! Hopefully it didn't rain too much over the weekend.

    Best of luck with school starting back up tomorrow!!

    xoxo Jackie

  5. Awe love the shot of you kissing your doggy!

    Xo, Hannah

  6. aww Duke is the most adorable.

    xo erica


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