Sunday, August 18, 2013

Best of the Week

 photo sundays4_zpsd5b59bcb.jpg
Best of the Week
Picnic's with my BFF; All the crazy wildlife while we were walking around Hawrelak park; Soccer with my Pink Ladies and Mr.Duke in his bowtie watching us!!; Homemade Guacamole; Chile shrimp tacos; Playing toss with Mr.Duke; Long walks; Sweaty workouts; Going out for my birthday with friends; Lunch dates with my mom; Kettle popcorn; How amazing my friends are!
 photo sundays5_zps12d32774.jpg photo sundays3_zps27b934ba.jpg  photo sundays_zpsd168157d.jpg  photo sundays2_zpsa9e736d1.jpg  photo sundays7_zps6afe9495.jpg photo sundays6_zpsc39c14d3.jpg  photo sundays1_zps96817c4e.jpg
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  1. That homemade guac looks so yummy!

    Xo, Hannah

  2. You and Mr. Duke make the world cutest duo!

  3. Two things that make me happy: your food and Mr. Duke pics! I seriously love you two, you guys are the perfect match :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  4. Such a super super pretty blog :) Love those summer pictures!

    Come and have a look at mine if you like- maybe you want to follow each other?

    Lots of love

  5. Mmmmm homemade guac is an essential in my household! Mmmmm

  6. Nothing beats homemade guac!! So simple and so ridiculously good.

    I really looks like you're enjoying every last bit of summer!

    xoxo Jackie

  7. Haha cute photos of you and Duke! And I love your friend's polkadot dress :)
    As for the food: yuummm I want it! ;)

  8. Aww this is so, so cute, your week sounded awesome. I've never had kettle corn before (i'm too kitchen stunted for such fanciness), and that bow tie on mr. duke is too sweet.

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  9. Does Mr. Duke have a blog because he should. All Day Long with Mr. Duke.

    1. I think he should too. My dad calls him the most photographed dog, I can't help it if he's super photogenic and loves the camera?

  10. that guac looks good!! the avocados on our tree are starting to ripen...soon we will have avocados coming out of our ears. can't wait!!

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