Thursday, June 6, 2013


Remix: The Tribal Skirt
Forever 21
 photo e1e03515-0867-4e7d-a614-5f421aa833bf_zps64d91a93.jpg photo 582c58a9-491d-4c0d-95b7-471e6756b256_zps23abf4ba.jpg photo d70a12fb-f1f8-4d41-847e-dab135d0ea06_zps2847a7af.jpg photo 756cc6a9-f40e-4f0e-82df-510d21bb6421_zps13635d0d.jpg photo skirt2_zps7d6c00b5.jpg
I really enjoy doing remix posts, and seeing other bloggers doing them to see how a certain piece can be worn over and over again. This skirt is actually 2 years old, my dad bought it for me right after I had heart surgery. It was cute because he took me out to walk around the mall as exercise and bought me stuff to cheer me up, best dad ever. I was instantly attracted to the funky print and colours in this skirt, and even though it's a bit on the short side it's something I love to wear in the summertime. Looking at my skirt collection I actually think I need more with fun prints, most of them are just bold, bright colours. This one definitely stands out among my collection. And it has pockets! You know how I love pockets ;)


  1. Love all the looks!


  2. Oh, best dad ever. I like how well it goes with both dark tops and white ones. That white top combo is my favorite I think but they are all lovely.

  3. that skirt is so lovely. I also really love the fact that your dad bought it for you. It's definitely a piece that looks great even after 2 years! =) I love that it has so much longevity!

  4. Love that skirt, you've styled it in so many great ways! xx

  5. Oh this skirt is so cute!! I saw one a lot like this the other day and almost bought it. It goes with your mint purse perfectly! And look how tan you are in the second pic, holy! That's so sweet that your dad took you shopping to cheer you up, what a great guy!

  6. Patterned full skirts are the best! You styled this one so well. I'm so glad you recovered so well from your surgery. :)

  7. I love this skirt! And it's so fun to see a remix post of it because I've been reading long enough to have seen all of the outfits when they were originally posted - it's like taking a little walk down memory lane :) The story of how you got it is adorable, too; your dad is a sweetie.

  8. I always love remix posts...though it's few and far between that I ever remember to do them myself. This skirt is one of my favorites of yours and it's cool to see how you've taken it from cool to warm weather and back again. That's such a sweet memory of you and your dad too :-)

    Have a fun weekend Jenna! xo Marisa

  9. lately, my whole blog has been a remix! i've been getting, with summer, i'm usually in swimsuits and shorts!! you have the best skirt collection...i really like this tribal printed one and all your remixes!
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