Friday, June 21, 2013

Glory Days

 photo zom_zpsd864eeed.jpg
Good Morning my loves!! It's time for the weekend and I am excited, it's going to be a fun and busy one. Today is Mr.Duke's 2nd birthday and tomorrow marks 2 years surgery free for me :) Two pretty exciting things to be celebrating this weekend for sure.
This zombie tee is one of my favourites because it's unexpected, a zombie Audrey Hepburn?! It's really the best print ever, and such a simple piece that easily goes with every skirt I own. It's perfect for nice warm summer days and I especially loved it with this bright blue chiffon skirt. I wish this skirt was a touch longer because I feel like I would get more use out of it, but it's so gorgeous I usually throw caution to the wind and wear it anyway. Except I don't ever wear it when it's windy...that's asking for trouble
 photo zom3_zps08cfb667.jpg photo zom1_zps63a8a32e.jpg photo zom2_zps02faf001.jpg photo zom4_zps73d8979f.jpg
Outfit: Top-Threadless, Skirt-American Apparel, Belt-Ardene, Ring-The Bay, Oak and Fort, Bracelets-Gift, The Bay
And what is a Mr.Duke birthday without some adorable photos of the birthday boy!!! Those ears seriously still get me everytime
 photo duke1_zps2bdb0423.jpg  photo duke2jpg_zpsa0ae9535.jpg photo duke_zps2b6dca0a.jpg photo duke3_zpsce70c9e4.jpg


  1. Turquoise looks so pretty on you xx

  2. I am, I swear, the hugest fan of that shirt!

    Courtney ~

  3. woohoo!! 2 is the magic number!! What an exciting time! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. You always have such great graphic Tees.

  5. Love the colour of that skirt! Have a great weekend Jenna! x

  6. Love your skirt Jenna. I think your nails and skirt could have been a perfect color block outfit combination. love it! have a great week!

  7. I didn't even notice that was Audrey Hepburn at first and I love it paired with a bright skirt. Also congrats on your celebratory weekend! Hope it was fun!

  8. I'm with Jessica ^^, I never realized this was Audrey Hepburn before! Man, that just makes me like this shirt even more than I already did. This skirt is so fun with it too!

  9. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
    I know what you mean with short skirts, I've had my fair share of embarassing experiences involving wind!
    That skirt is too cute though and that shirt really is unexpected!

    Have a great day,

  10. love the nails! here's to two years to the both of you...yay!!
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  11. oh duh I could have just scrolled DOWN and saw he was 2. i'm silly.

    Anyhow - looks like he's a lucky boy! Teemo and Raynor can't have bones anymore because Raynor is a queen B and annihilates any dog who comes near her bones (and they are all hers). She doesn't eat them either. She just guards them.

    I love that zombie tee! Are you going to see World War Z? I didn't love it :(

  12. Awww birthday Duke! Happy belated birthday to Duke! I'm always so happy to see pictures of him.

    Also your zombie shirt is da bomb. It's such a cool piece all on it's own. I love the bright, pretty blue skirt paired with it.


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