Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Flower in the Sun

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Good Morning Lovelies! I hope your week is going well, mine started off a little rough, I think I had a touch of the flu on monday but I am feeling much better now! It kind of forced me to take a day to do nothing but hang out with Duke and watch movies, and I guess that's just what I needed.
I bought this dress back in October and it has been such a versatile and wonderful piece in my wardrobe. I can't help but love the combination of the super girly lace dress with my studded denim vest. This vest is easily my favourite purchase of this summer! The only problem with this dress is it's a wee bit on the short side, no wind/sudden movements in this number. It's fine when I'm wearing tights but sans tights it felt a bit more on the scandelous side. That seems to always happen with the things I purchase during the colder months! Although the versatility of a little white dress is quite wonderful, I think I need another more summertime appropriate ;)
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Dress-H&M, Vest-Simons, Belt-Gap, Shoes-Aldo, Purse-Winners, Ring-The Bay,  Bracelets-Gift, The Bay, Simons


  1. Great outfit! I agree, I always love the contrast of something super girly with something tough!


  2. Your clutch! Love it! This whole outfit is super-cute! Girly and edgy at the same time : )

  3. This dress is SO cute and look great in white! I know exactly what you mean about no sudden movements. That's my biggest problem with summer when I can't wear tights. I'm pretty sure I've accidentally flashed everyone I know at some point. Really though, I'm in love with this dress. And this vest is awesome too!

  4. You've got the legs to pull off a slightly scandalous dress!

    Courtney ~

  5. I love this girly edgy look you got going on! That clutch is so fun too!

  6. hahah it doesn't look THAT scandalous. Though I bet on me it'd be like a ...crop top. oh the curse of being a jolly green giant. and i'm glad to hear you're feeling better! those random flues are no fun.

  7. Love this look! I have a coral lace dress that I picked up from Target that has quickly become a summer favorite, but it is also on the short side. I've just discovered the magic of wearing a pair of shorts underneath "scandalous" short dresses...I bought a pair of $5 spandexy shorts at Forever 21 and all of the sudden I'm safe from accidental flashing!! It's great :)

    xo Nicole @ Dutchie Love

  8. Sometimes what you need is a short hemline to give you a confidence boost, girl! I love mixing sweet girly things with tough things like spikes. You did a great job on this one :) Love it!

    xo Ashley

  9. Ohhh! This dress. It looks so good on you. I need your shoes. I have been lusting after a pair for awhile now, but they are so PRICY (usually). Also you always make me want to find my jean vest.

  10. Gorgeous outfit!


  11. I love having days to just relax and watch movies when I'm not feeling well. Definitely helps.
    Love that clutch!!

  12. That is the one drawback of pretty, super feminine fabrics like lace and tulle - they're just so delicate, going out in the wind is not an option! But they're also so pretty... I love the way you combined an exceptionally girlie dress with an edgy denim vest, the contrast is perfect :)

  13. Ugh, you seriously have the best accessories. I kinda sorta want to steal that bag. Amazing!



    Southern (California) Belle

  14. I've been so wanting a denim vest lately! You look great! I love your hair, too!

  15. I'm glad you're feeling better! A movie day with Duke sounds like plenty of fun though.
    I love this pretty white lace dress on you! I love how you've given it an edge with the denim vest and cool studded flats. I think I need a pair of flats like those!

  16. What an adorable outfit! I love it. I really want that vest. I am on the hunt for a great jean vest right now. I finally just purchased my first jean jacket while I was on vacation.

    Robyn xo

  17. The locket is really perfect with this look.


Thank you for the love!