Sunday, June 2, 2013

Best of the week

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Best Of The Week:
Dukes surgery going really well; How fast he's recovering; The fact that 2 days after his surgery he wamted to play fetch and was hopping all over the place; All the beautiful flowers, Edmonton really is beautiful in the spring/summer; Lilac's being out, my favourite flowers ever!; Spending the weekend relaxing after a particularily stressful week; Excitment for my little brother's graduation; Soccer season starting up; Intense workout's; Grapefruit beer; My amazing friends and family; Steak dinner and leftover steak salad
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What was the best of YOUR week?!


  1. Glad your dog is doing well. Best of my week is probably buying a new mattress. It's long overdue.

  2. I love how you always look so happy and I want Duke! He's the cutest.

    Also I laughed so hard at your package box. And I'm obsessed with your dress and I might've worn it three times already and everyone keeps telling me how great it is. You sure you want it back? Just kidding, but seriously.

  3. Aaww Duke on your arm and on your shirt, how cuuute! :D
    Glad to hear the little fellow is getting better so quickly!

    And the food, omg!!! Looks SO good! Now I feel disappointed by my rice and veggies supper ;)

  4. Looks like a great week, especially with Mr Duke on the mend.

    I've never tried grapefruit beer before, nor have I heard of it, but I'm intrigued!

    xoxo Jackie

  5. I'm so glad to hear that Mr. Duke is okay! What a great way to end the week :)

  6. SOOO glad to hear your dog is on the mend! What a relief you must feel!


  7. so glad the surgery went well
    I hope Duke will be back to a healthy dog again super duper soon!

    and I loove your printed skirt :)

    The Sweetest Escape 

  8. So glad to hear that Duke is on the mend! And I must say, grapefruit beer sounds pretty amazing :) The best of my week was that it finally, briefly, felt like spring here in Paris. I actually went out with bare legs two days in a row! Kind of sad that that's a big deal, but it definitely was :)

  9. Aww I am so glad Mr. Duke is feeling better and getting back to his old self! He sure is a cutie!

    I am also glad to hear your stressful week ended on a good note.

    AND grapefruit beer? Sounds delish! I am going to have to find that.

    Robyn xo

  10. Duke is A CHAMP! and sounds like you had a good weekend.. hmm grapefruit beer? interesting haha

  11. I'm so so glad that Mr Duke is feeling so good :) Yay! Also, my little brother graduated this weekend too! All good things this week.

    xo Ashley

  12. Yay Duke feeling better! I love that guy! He's a trooper. Also, grapefruit beer. Yes. I had one in Illinois last summer and I'm hoping they have it on tap again at this really great alehouse we visit when we're up there.


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