Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Oh, Winterlong

 photo wint3_zps16d66b2b.jpg
Hey There darlings!! I hope your week is coming along nicely, mine definitely is besides the weather. It's been winter here since mid October and frankly I'm over it. However it's supposed to be ridiculously nice this weekend so I don't have to wait long for nice weather :) Oh, also realized I'm going back to University on Monday, that's pretty crazy. I honestly am excited, I've missed it! Because I'm a masochist, obviously.
 I was luckily smart enough to take these photos  in the morning on Monday when it was barely snowing because the weather got craaaazy. This is what I wore out for my mom's birthday dinner, we took her to Sorrentino's for the Garlic fest. My brother tried the Garlic beer and I must say, it was pretty overpowering and not great.  I really love this lace mint dress, but I want it to be warmer to I can wear it without a jacket, the lower back is such a great detail on it. I love the combination of mint and red, and will defnitely be doing more of that this spring and summer.
    photo wint1_zps91426b83.jpg photo wint5_zps70bacc1c.jpg photo wint2_zps3362daf1.jpg  photo wint4_zpsee64a9a1.jpg
Outfit: Dress-Winners, Blazer-U.O., Boots-Nine West, Clutch-U.O., Necklace-The Bay, Belt-Vero Moda,


  1. Great nail colour! Love the pop of yellow.
    You have a nice blog!

  2. Let's try to meet up for coffee or lunch one of these times that you're on campus!

    Courtney ~

  3. That sounds as bad of an idea as chili beer. lol, what will people come up with next?

    You look darling and I hope you mom had a good time!

  4. SO pretty. That mint color is super pretty on you! It's finally getting nice here, so I'm glad it will soon be done with winter where you are too! :)

    xox Sammi

  5. Love the mint colour. Really suits you!
    Jen @madeinminch

  6. Oh gosh I can't believe your still in winter mode! I would be sick of it too! I feel guilty that we're having nice weather here. EEP!
    BUT I do love your outfit. So minty fresh! =D

  7. This dress is my favorite! I feel like we are the only two still stuck in winter! It's still coming down pretty hard right now. This HAS to be the last of it, right?!

  8. Thanks for your sweet words on my last post, they brightened my day!
    You look lovely as always, I adore your cute mint dress and these pretty yellow nails! You just always get it right, don’t you?

    Hope you have a fantastic day,

  9. Love your yellow nail polish and I'm diggin' mint lately. I'm SOOO sorry that its still winter where you are. And not just Winter.. snow! You poor thing :( Stay warm!

    xo Ashley

  10. This dress is just GORGEOUS! (you should put it up for swaps....haha!) Yellow and mint are so perfect together, I love your nails. ANd the red lipstick! So pretty girl. Yuck, snow! It actually snowed here today too! Not bad, but still, depressing. It's May! Come on Mother Nature!

  11. eek, im complaining about the weather and I don't see any snow on the ground. Come on May, do your worst! On the plus side it's a cute outfit!

  12. Mint and red is such a wonderfully unexpected combination. One of my favorites! I am sending you all the warm vibes I can. Or... you could visit Pittsburgh and enjoy ours. JUST SAYIN. xo

    1. Haha, I love that logic! I should just start chasing the nice weather!

  13. Mint is always such a favourite of mine, so I love this dress. We've only had warmer temps in the last couple of days, but I was wearing my mint cardigan when we still had snow because the colour gives that illusion of spring at the very least.

    I'd love if you'd swing by my blog and maybe even follow!
    - Jackie

  14. All this snow that everyone is getting!! Holy moses it just needs to stop already, that's for certain. You look gorgeous Jenna - I love the mint dress against the snowy backdrop. It screams spring despite the wintery weather.

    Garlic beer - I can't even imagine, but I'm pretty sure I would like it. Though being Italian, I will happily welcome garlic on most anything else, hehe.

    Best wishes going back to University!
    xo Marisa

    1. I do love me some garlic too, but man was it strong!
      I know the snow needs to just piss off, no one anywhere should have to deal with snow right now!!

  15. I'm not sure about garlic beer. I saw that on instagram. Sounds, weird. The mint dress is so adorable - and I love it paired with the jacket. you know how to make the jacket girly so well

    <3 katherine / of corgis & cocktails

  16. Love your mint green lace dress! So so adorable and garlic beer!? Sounds very interesting, I'm not sure if I'd try it though!

  17. Garlic beer? Man I love beer and will try anything - but that sounds strange. I can understand how it wasn't that great. Just... why? Why does that exist?
    Anyway, this dress is awesome! I can't get over the pretty mint lace!


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