Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Past Spring Favourites

With the way the weather's been here lately I'm starting to wonder if spring will ever show up. This time last year we had NO SNOW, and it was quite a bit warmer. I am yearning for lighter layers, to put my winter coat and tights away for a few months and let my skin breath!! I decided to feature some of my favourite spring looks from last year to keep myself inspired and looking ahead to warmer weather.
PS. Can we just marvel at how much longer my hair was. To be honest I don't miss it, I love how easy my new length is!
 photo d6160570-e761-41d0-bd50-7c1f43f9e011_zps2d9902da.jpg photo 417c911b-7004-4da8-b828-0c6eacf811a5_zpsd503791f.jpg
 photo ad6d8818-3d8a-494c-b497-9f0bbdaf6070_zps18698aa0.jpg photo 06f81179-c6a0-4e5b-9cd2-698043520cc5_zpsf31e9be7.jpg
 photo b30897cb-5f33-4d6f-9461-b8978b0f03cb_zps22ed1703.jpg photo c9979d1e-60c6-45f8-bdaa-69f3ca73fbb0_zps82ba8313.jpg
 photo remix5_zps147cb3df.jpg photo remix4jgp_zpsc6db4ab0.jpg
Evidently for last Spring I was loving light layers and pops of really bright colours, all of which I am looking forward to wearing this spring season too


  1. I yearn for warmer weather, too! -14 yesterday? WTF?? These are all great outfits, I especially love the one with the red pants, polka dots and leather jacket : )

  2. I can't wait for spring! Seriously, this makes me wnt it even more. It's like 75 out today, so I suppose it's here but its not suny weirdly

  3. I hear ya. In Winnipeg this morning it was -17 with a -20 windchill. I'm starting to believe spring will NEVER come.

  4. I just love that yellow dress - and the color looks really great on you. I'm always so scared to try yellow.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  5. So, so pretty! All these looks are so fresh and perfect for spring. I really adore the yellow frock on you-it highlights your gorgeous dark locks! Plus I really need a pair of mint pants. Those are wonderful.

  6. Oh, what great spring outfits (totally with you on wanting spring to just hurry up and get here though!) I love all the bold colors.

  7. The yellow dress is my fav.....love it


  8. Your spring outfits are so pretty! Although you look great in any season. I really love that printed dress in the second look, soooo cute! I hope spring finally makes it up north, I can't imagine having to wait so long!



    Southern (California) Belle

  9. goregous! I love the pops of yellow in your outfits above. Yellow is one colour I can't wear well but u look amazing my dear!
    xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  10. I so know how you feel... I lived in Paris in winter 2009, too, and we had the most beautiful season that year. It was sunny and 14 by mid-February! I can't help but compare this year to that. We've definitely had a few sunny, warm days, but at this point they're more like a tease because they seem to be followed by five days of cold and rain every time. This look at your past spring looks was so fun, mainly because I recognised them all! It's so fun to be able to follow along with other's blog journeys. Your hair used to be so long! Kudos to you for managing it short, though; I'm hopeless with short hair :)

  11. what a super fun roundup!! i hadn't seen many of these outfits so I loved seeing so many together. you have an amazing assortment of bright skirts & pants btw! so crazy to me how it's still freezing most of the country, it's been shorts weather for a bit now over in Phx.


Thank you for the love!