Sunday, January 27, 2013

Best of the Week

 photo SUNDAY_zps8d7f9dd4.jpg
Best of the Week:
Hockey starting back up; Hockey game nights with my dad; Two of my best friends birthdays!! Happy Birthday Nakael and Amanda!; Going out for their birthdays this weekend; Sushi Night with my parents; Getting my haircut (& it's super short :O); Booking my tattoo; Duke in boots!; Duke snuggles on a lazy sunday; How awesome my friends are; Yummy flatbread pizza lunches; Catching up with friends; Great workouts;
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  1. Omg Duke's coat. SO CUTE! I wish Todd could wear something like that but he wants to pee on everything..

    xo Ashley

  2. Sushi night sounds like a dream come true...don't get much sushi here in Minnesota! And Duke looks darling, of course! Glad you got some good workouts in...I too have recently started at the gym and am AMAZED by how great I feel when I spend more time working out!

    <3 Cambria

  3. LOVE Duke! I've been trying to find Nugget some booties..poor thing is always so cold!!

  4. Gotta love that hockey is back... and your little pups doggy boots. How FREAKIN' cute!

    xo, Megan
    indie flower

  5. Super short hair? Exciting! I can't wait for the full reveal - lately I'm torn between desperately wanting my hair to grow back to how long it was before and wanting to cut it all off :) Oh, and Duke in boots? Cutest thing ever!

  6. Aw - hockey nights with you dad. The Mr. and I are definitely going to some hockey games this year as well. That sushi looks pretty yummy right now - even at 8:50 in the AM!

    A tattoo and short hair - fun! I can't wait to see :-)

    xo Marisa

  7. Ok the pics of Duke in his boots and various coats are too cute! Such an adorable dog. I'm sure you'll look great with you new haircut :)

  8. Oh man Duke in boots! That is the best thing I've seen all week hands down. Thank you for brightening my life with that adorable image!


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