Monday, January 21, 2013

A little bit Closer

 photo skirt_zps9a10c8ad.jpg
Good Morning Loves! I hope you had a great weekend, mine was lots of fun. I had drinks with some of my best friends and we had a great time, but let me tell you Vodka is not my friend. The worst. But the Oilers won and so did my soccer team, so all is right in the world.
I ordered a bunch of stuff on sale from U.O on boxing day because the sales were pretty good and there was no way in hell I was venturing out to the stores. It FINALLY arrived at the end of last week and I was pretty stoked. I really like this skirt, it has pockets, a bit of shimmer whats not to like? I paired it with the my favorite (now destroyed) polka dot tights and denim button down. I like the balance of a denim top with a girly or somewhat sexy skirt. Also, apparently I liked touching my hair this day, it needs a cutting methinks
  photo skirt4_zps51b98643.jpg photo skirt1_zps11833585.jpg photo skirt2_zps2662f1a3.jpg photo skirt3_zps79e49f52.jpg
Outfit: Top/Belt-Thrifted, Skirt-U.O, Boots-Auvigne and Jones, Tights-Simons, Ring-Vintage, Bracelets-The Bay/Costa Blanca, Watch-Fossil


  1. such a sweet and edgy look! love your skirt and your watch :)

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  2. super cute skirt! I love ordering from UO! might do one soon... haha

  3. Great nail colour and love the stacked jewels!
    xo Cara

  4. Hair? Need hair cuts? Nahhh. ;)

    I adore that skirt of yours, and also I must say your jewelry is quite pretty!

  5. So, so pretty! I especially love the skirt!
    Too bad your tights are destroyed now, they're so cute!

    Have a great week,

  6. Cute skirt! the texture looks very interesting, love how it shimmers :)
    Lovely combo with the denim and rocker boots!

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  7. cute skirt, and i love that it has pockets!! you're right...the denim shirt is a nice balance. have a great week!!

  8. I love the mixture of denim and lace! I can't wait to see all the stuff you got from your shopping spree :)



    Southern (California) Belle

    P.S. Vodka is nobody's friend! I know how you feel!

  9. I'm searching for the perfect chambray shirt. We shall see where it turns up! I like yours but it's a little dark for me.

    xo Ashley

  10. i love this look! you have great style :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  11. The chambray and shimmer are such a lovely match for each other. I'm on the hunt for the perfect chambray - it makes everything look so chic and classic. The boots are quite awesome too. You always know how to construct the perfect outfit! Watch that vodka ;-)

    xo Marisa

  12. That skirt is amazing! And really, is vodka anyone's friend?! Haha. I love the silver and chambray look though - you make me think I need a chambray shirt soon

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails// fawn pendant giveaway

  13. Loving that skirt! It's so refreshing to see sparkles outside of the context of the holidays, especially when worn with denim! Super cute as always :)

    Alexandra xo

  14. I love this skirt! Pockets and shimmer are a winning combo :)

  15. This skirt is definitely awesome! I love how you've styled it in such a casual, cool way. Your blog has shown me that polka dot tights basically look good with everything. Or maybe they just look great with anything you wear!


Thank you for the love!