Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Raspberry Jam

Good Morning Lovely lover lou's. I hope your week is moving right along. Monday with Duke definitely helped me, but I'm still not at 100%, I guess more Duke cuddles, netflix and tea are in order for this evening. Sounds kind of perfect for a cozy winter night in though, don't you think?!
This lace skirt is quickly becoming my favourite in my wardrobe, I love the lace, and slight shimmer to it. It wasn't too cold this day so I paired it with my silky polka dot blouse and of course some punch of colour with my burgundy sweater that I wear constantly. I love "oxblood" and white or off-white together, I think it;s a perfect combination.
Outfit: Skirt-F21, Belt/Sweater-Thrift, Blouse-Costa Blanca, Necklace-, Ring-Payless, Bracelets-The bay, Ardene, Boots-Auvigne and Jones (MJUS)


  1. I just love seeing pictures of Mr. Duke! SO cute! and you look adorbz as always!

  2. Cute boots! And a great winter outfit! P.S. All I watch is Netflix, I don't even watch T.V. anymore ; )

  3. Lovely lady! I love me some polka dots. ;)

  4. That lace skirt is gorgeous indeed! If I owned it I would be wearing it all the time :D

  5. So pretty :) Great mix of patterns and textures. I love the colour of that cardi too - brings its all together.


  6. loving that cardi! the color <3

  7. I adore that cardigan -- it's seriously like the perfect colour on you!

    Courtney ~

  8. oxblood and cream sounds nice! i still need to get something oxblood! how is duke loving the snow?!! hope you have a nice evening...sounds like the perfect way to spend a chilly night.


  9. Who's the cutest girl around? YOU are, that's who! Love everything you do, sweets :)

  10. I totally feel you right now, I've been super sick all week! I can't wait until my voice comes back... I love this skirt so very much! You must have an amazing F21 nearby because you have some great pieces <3



    Southern (California) Belle

  11. LOVE that oxblood looks so cozy in the snow! And really pretty paired with the cream/black...just says winter:)

    <3 Cambria

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  12. Love this look! It looks so cozy, yet really chic. That skirt is really wonderful.

    xo Raquel
    Field Below

  13. Snow! I can't wait to get some proper snow here! The lace skirt is so beautifully wintry with the snow -although I bet you were still absolutely freezing. Im a total wimp about wintry shoots and can only bear to take my coat off for a few seconds.

  14. You're looking so pretty and festive in these photos! I love the combination of white, oxblood and silver and that sparkly feather necklace is such a perfect finishing touch! I used to have a similar one and seeing this post is making me wonder what I did with it; I should really be wearing it more :)

  15. haha Lovely lover lou's- super cute :)

    and i LOVE how you dress for winter- i don't think i'd be able to take off that lace skirt either. and i like how you made it more winter appropriate with a burgandy sweater, it looks so cute. and aw, i hope you start feeling better. at least you have an excuse to lay in bed watching netflix right?

  16. You have so many beautiful lace pieces Jenna! I love this skirt - it reminds me of a winter snow fairy :) Oxblood and off white are such a perfect combination too - one I would have never thought of! Feel better soon darling :) xo Marisa

  17. These colors are super pretty together. I love the color of your cardigan paired with the polka dot top too. You really can't go wrong with a lace skirt either!


Thank you for the love!