Friday, November 2, 2012


Hey there and Happy Friday!! The weekend is looking mighty fine right about now, lots of stuff going on such as: Last Eskimo's game of the season, Wine Night with my lovely friend, Soccer, Lunch dates, and hopefully warm weather. We were hit with a blizzard yesterday and it dumped so much snow on us! It's supposed to be nice this weekend and melt some of that.

These photos are from before yesterday (aka "ps" Pre-Snow, Pre-Shitstorm etcetc) I'm sure I gushed about how much I love this white lace dress the first time I wore it, but let me do so some more. I love this dress! How did I ever live without a LBW before? It goes with everything. EVERYTHING. I have to restrain myself from wearing it all the time, I think the only reason I don't wear it every single day is because I can't completely zip it up myself. And Duke is no help with his lack of thumbs. Anyways, this look is a little "Christmassy" according to my brother who snapped this photos. I apparently look like an elf, but I am a-ok with that as I already have the ears for it. 
Have a great weekend :)
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Outfit: Dress/Faux fur stole-H&M, Belt-Decadence vintage, Necklace-Stella&dot chain, gift pendant, Cardigan-Joe Fresh, Tights/flats-Payless, ring-giftPhotobucket
Oh hey Elf Ears


  1. these photos are lovely, loving the scenery! burgundy tights are definitely on my shopping list now! xx

  2. I love the burgundy tights with that fur! so fall I love it! and really no snow? :( UGH. hahah

    1. There is SO much snow, these pictures are just from before the storm ;)

  3. Love this look! Those tights are so cute!

    The Style Storm

    xo, Christina

  4. LOVE the faux fur stole! Perfect for Edmonton weather ; ).

  5. I love your detachable fur piece - so cute! And, yeah, that snow dump yesterday totally ruined my move...damn you Edmonton weather!

    Courtney ~

  6. Haha, all December last year I found myself wearing green and red. It's fun to get festive! Especially when the snow hits!

    I love your outfit, especially the fur stole! :)

  7. These are so beautiful! And I am down with you being an elf! I can't believe how green things are in this photo & are now covered in piles of snow!
    <3 Kastles

  8. Heck. Yes! This outfit actually made me giddy! You are so adorable :)



    Southern (California) Belle

    P.S. I have elf ears too <3

  9. simply chic! i love your dress and nice hair too! you're so pretty. Followed your blog via gfc, it'll be a pleasure if you can follow back :)

    Love, Maria

  10. Hi Jenna!

    I'm so so JEALOUS of your hair. Such a beautiful color, it looks so great on you. Now I want to dye my hair!

    The dress is adorable (is it cold, though? Looks cold!) And I adore the bat ring. Very sweet. I don't think you look like an elf, haha. Where are you located? We haven't gotten any snow yet. Knock on wood?

    Hope you're having a great weekend, dear!


  11. You are too cute! Not elf-like neccessarily, but I do get a bit of a Christmasy vibe rom this ensemble; I think it's the combination of the white dress with berry-coloured tights and the slight green of your sweater, and then the fur collar... Whatever it is, you look lovely and festive. I can just imagine how many more ways you'll be able to style this pretty white dress :)

  12. That fur is so fun and I love the little white dress. This reminds me that I should break out my white dress again with some tights and a cardigan! Maybe tomorrow!

  13. i love white and burgundy together. It's so classy!


  14. That stole is absolutely amazing, I really love it! Such a cute outfit, as always!

  15. LOVE that stole and this colour combo xo


Thank you for the love!