Sunday, November 18, 2012

Best of the Week

Best Of The Week:
My amazing trip to Vancouver to see my brother; How ridiculous my brother is; Seeing Neil Young and Crazy Horse; Spending some time with one of my best friends; Sushi Madness; Mexican Fiesta with my sweetea; Seeing frenchies all over Vancity; Beautiful surprise flowers for no reason; Tasty Coffees; Amazing food; Granville market; Granville Island Winter Ale; Spending some quality time with the lil' Doggy; Wreck it Ralph; The beautiful leaves and colours all over Vancouver still; Escaping the snow for a while; Having my blackberry die forcing me to get an iphone
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What was the best of YOUR week?!


  1. Ah. That sushi looked delicious! Found your blog from Katherine (of corgis and cocktails) and really like it! Been enjoying looking at your past outfits. You have some kick-ass rings especially! Am following now. :)


  2. Oh my gosh, your trip looks like so much fun! You and your brother are so very cute <3



    Southern (California) Belle

  3. aw looks like fun!

  4. Great pictures, looks like a fun week! I had fun taking a little break from school and shopping than cocktails with me gal pals ;)

  5. aw, shucks about the blackberry...haha! that was why i got my iphone, too! do you love it??! these pictures are great!! sounds like an amazing week!



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