Monday, September 3, 2012

Sorbet Summer

Hey my loves, I hope you are having a really great week, I most definitely am. New York is an amazing city with so many areas to explore and so much to do! I can't wait to share all my adventures with you. It's definitely the best vacation ever. 
When it's hot out I can barely stand to wear clothes, but unfortunately it's illegal to be nude in public (Boo) and I do love fashion, so I make an effort to get dressed. Lightweight fabrics and sheer laces have definitely helped me make it through an awesome, warm summer. This blouse is sheer, but such a great colour that I couldn't resist it. Add some arm candy and sparkly flats and it's almost better than being naked ;)
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Oh my god, I miss Mr. DukePhotobucket
Outfit: Top-Winners, Skirt-Vero Moda, Belt-Army and Navy, Shoes-.Payless, Bracelets-Payless/The Bay, Ring-The Bay, Bag-Ardenes


  1. love the outfit, you always make me want to try neon!! xx

  2. Loooove the top! =D and I'm loving your blog!
    Is Mr. Duke a Frenchie or a Boston terrier? He looks a lot like my frenchie (I think mine might be a mix of both since he is not bulking up as a frenchie ahahahaha)!

    1. He's a mix!! Yeah he's not as chubby as some frenchies but he definitely has the broad shoulder definition haha. They're the cutest!!

  3. hahah "boo". i hear you though, it can be tough to care how you look when it's that hot out. i especially love that pop of color from your bracelets. and i cant wait to see your NYC pics- i've never been and i always love seeing it!

  4. Love the bright top and your cute skirt! Glad to hear you're having a blast in NYC!!!

  5. Hooray for your fetching little print skirt! And glad you're having good times on your trip :0

    <3 Cambria

    Check out my GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

  6. You're stunning! That bag is just gorgeous!xo

  7. Love! Great look!

  8. hey love! you look amazing. your top is a beautiful & goes so well with your purse & accessories.
    i hope the new york shopping is going super well & that you're spoiling yourself silly!
    miss you!
    janelle xox

  9. I love all the colours in this outfit! Enjoy NY!
    (btw, I love the new layout)

  10. aw! what a cute puppy! and i love this outfit - that lace top is just perfect on you.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails


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