Monday, September 3, 2012

Sorbet Summer

Hey my loves, I hope you are having a really great week, I most definitely am. New York is an amazing city with so many areas to explore and so much to do! I can't wait to share all my adventures with you. It's definitely the best vacation ever. 
When it's hot out I can barely stand to wear clothes, but unfortunately it's illegal to be nude in public (Boo) and I do love fashion, so I make an effort to get dressed. Lightweight fabrics and sheer laces have definitely helped me make it through an awesome, warm summer. This blouse is sheer, but such a great colour that I couldn't resist it. Add some arm candy and sparkly flats and it's almost better than being naked ;)
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Oh my god, I miss Mr. DukePhotobucket
Outfit: Top-Winners, Skirt-Vero Moda, Belt-Army and Navy, Shoes-.Payless, Bracelets-Payless/The Bay, Ring-The Bay, Bag-Ardenes


  1. love the outfit, you always make me want to try neon!! xx

  2. Loooove the top! =D and I'm loving your blog!
    Is Mr. Duke a Frenchie or a Boston terrier? He looks a lot like my frenchie (I think mine might be a mix of both since he is not bulking up as a frenchie ahahahaha)!

    1. He's a mix!! Yeah he's not as chubby as some frenchies but he definitely has the broad shoulder definition haha. They're the cutest!!

  3. Love your top and bag. SO nice!

    xx The Expert Dreamer

  4. hahah "boo". i hear you though, it can be tough to care how you look when it's that hot out. i especially love that pop of color from your bracelets. and i cant wait to see your NYC pics- i've never been and i always love seeing it!

  5. Love the bright top and your cute skirt! Glad to hear you're having a blast in NYC!!!

  6. Hooray for your fetching little print skirt! And glad you're having good times on your trip :0

    <3 Cambria

    Check out my GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

  7. You're stunning! That bag is just gorgeous!xo

  8. Love! Great look!

  9. hey love! you look amazing. your top is a beautiful & goes so well with your purse & accessories.
    i hope the new york shopping is going super well & that you're spoiling yourself silly!
    miss you!
    janelle xox

  10. I love all the colours in this outfit! Enjoy NY!
    (btw, I love the new layout)

  11. aw! what a cute puppy! and i love this outfit - that lace top is just perfect on you.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails


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