Sunday, August 26, 2012

Best of the Week

Best of the Week: 
Long Walks with Mr. Duke; Rolling around in the grass with puppy boy; Haircuts and manicures; NYC excitement and really getting into packing mode; Birthday treats at Duchess Bake Shop with the very sweet Vickie; How I tend to keep my birthday celebration going for a few weeks; Tasty dinners; Cozy new sweaters perfect for fall; Chill Nights with Andy; Lake dates with my Mister's; Duke Snores waking me up; The delicious Blue Plate Diner for my birthday dinner; Relaxing weekends
The strawberry chocolate crumble mmm
Ginger and orange chicken stir fry, SO amazing
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Vickie being super cute, and our delicious treats :)Photobucket Photobucket
Andy and I dressed like Canadian stereotypes "the park ranger" and "the farmer"
What was the best of YOUR week?!


  1. strawberry chocolate crumble? amazing <3 lovely photos as always :) xx

  2. I didn't even really do anything for my birthday last year... I might need to change that for my 22nd. But I just have no ideas, haha. Also... can I have all the tasty treats, there?

  3. hah! first picture is amazing :D
    would you like to follow each other?

  4. I love these posts :)
    That crumble looks amazing and I love seeing The Duke xo

  5. ginger and orange chicken stir fry sounds amazing xo


Thank you for the love!