Friday, July 27, 2012

Well Orange You Tough

Hey lovelies!! What a week this has been, strep throat, a quiz, an assignment and a final. TGIF indeed!! My final final of my undergrad though, whooo hooo. Time to celebrate being finished AND being healthy by taking my younger brother to Iron maiden tonight. 
 This dress was one of those impulse purchases when I was standing in line @ H&M last year, it was only 10 bucks and I figured why not. It's awesome, orange, pockets and super comfortable. I wore it to dinner before my open heart surgery last year and because of the loose fit I wore it a lot afterwards. I find the clothes I wear a lot post surgery I tend to not wear a lot when I'm healthy again just because of the association. Do your clothes have memory like that?
 I was glad I busted it out again, I am loving orange and leopard print and to toughen it up with my leather jacket :) 
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Dress/Belt-H&M, Jacket-F21, Shoes/bracelets-Payless, Necklace-Gift


  1. I'm glad you busted out that dress again too - it's awesome. As is the jacket. Have fun at Iron Maiden - I was hoping to go to that show but other stuff came up :(

    Courtney ~

  2. Hattitude Style Blog
    oh that dress is STUNNING jenna. i love how you paired it with leopard print and leather. meow! fantastic!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  3. Looking beautiful as always, Jenna. And orange is SO your colour + I love it paired with the more edgy jacket! Happy Friday, lovely lady! xo veronika

  4. I'm glad you got that dress because it look great on you! I love that shade of orange and how you wore with that leather jacket!

    Oh, and have fun at the Iron Maiden concert ^^

  5. woooop well done on finishing :D love the orange dress with the leather, definitely something I'd wear! xxx

  6. I wish I had the courage to wear orange more! Love how you have styled it. x

  7. Love this rocker-chic outfit on you! Have fun at Iron Maiden!! And I hope your throat feels better...

    1. It does!! Thank you! I even was about to get back to the gym today, so it's a good friday :)

  8. Oooh, really like this tougher outfit. The leather jacket is perfect over that hot orange dress!

    Trendy Teal

  9. Whoa Iron Maiden - a blast from the it! Have fun! I love orange. I wish I had more of it in my closet. This dress looks perfect on you and I love the edge you gave it with the jacket. I will not lie - I still have a couple dresses I wore during my pregnancy, that I still wear today. Though they are not technically maternity dresses, they are very big and comfy and bring back sweet memories.

    Congrats on finishing your undergrad!!!! Now time to celebrate:)

    xo, Marisa

  10. Congrats on finishing your undergrad, how exciting!

    I love the dress, and I'm glad you brought it back, it's stunning. Perhaps instead of associating those clothes with the scary and bad parts of the surgery, try to focus on the fact that going through those surgeries made you the strong and healthy young lady you are now!

  11. Very nice dress!

    take a look of my blog :D

  12. I agree, it's awesome, LOVE the colour & what a great buy for $10.
    Hope your exams went well & that you feel better soon. Strep throat is no fun :(

  13. I think orange is you color! You look so fabulous in it! Also, I love the leather jacket. Congrats on finishing your final test of your undergrad!

  14. I love this! You look so cool in that leather jacket. I really love how bright and fun that dress is too. Very pretty, slightly badass outfit!

  15. I love a great leather jacket, and this orange hue looks amazing on you! -xx


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