Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Break on Through to the Otherside

Hey my loves, hope your week is going well! It's raining a ton here today and it did tomorrow, but it's supposed to be nice all the rest of the week. Hopefully, because I had to postpone my BBQ/1 year surgery free party when I was sick, so I'm having it this weekend now. It should be fun, we're dressing up like Geeks.
I have had this dress for a few years but it's one of those things I never tire of, spring, summer, fall, and winter this dress gets a lot of play. I would definitely call it an "ol reliable". It was perfect on it's own for the hot weather we had this past weekend, and for a walk in the sunshine with my dog and brother. I had never thought to pair it with green but I loved my mint nails and bright green purse with it. You can't see, but I'm wearing my bright yellow flats too, I've become a colour fiend lately. I used to wear black, gray, dark blue and dark purple alll the time. It's crazy how things change
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Outfit: Dress-F21, Belt-Army and Navy, Bag-U.O, Bracelets-Payless/Ardene, Rings-Payless, Necklace/Ring-Gift


  1. that dress is so perfect for casual looks.beautiful!love your bag too.

  2. Hattitude Style Blog

    love your nails jenna with the green purse and all your arm candy and finger parties!
    what was your surgery free from for a year?

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  3. Love your summer dress, it's so cute! And yay to surgery-free parties!!

  4. This is the cutest dress!

    xo Jennifer

  5. The nails, bag and's all perfect! Totally colour coordinated. And yay for being one year surgery free! Such a big milestone, congrats love :)

    Alexandra xo

  6. I've said this before but I swear, you have the ctest collection of dresses, like ever.

    Courtney ~

  7. Gotta love a dress that can take you through all four seasons. Those are the ones I tend to hang on to forever. This one is nothing short of gorgeous. I love how you incorporated the green too. You can never have too much color:) I used to be the same way too with wearing black, grey, and navy all the time. It is crazy how much one's style evolves over the years! xx Marisa

  8. Great outfit and I LOOVE your nailpolish xx

  9. Adorable always.

    <3 Cambria


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