Friday, June 8, 2012

Simply Simple

TGIF, amIright?! Whoa, what a week, and even more to come next week. I wish I had more free time right, not just for blogging but for relaxing in general.
When my life gets chaotic I just need simplicity in my outfits, especially when it's chaotic and it's kind of hot out. Although how I dress when I'm stressed is still a lot different from most other University students, I gaurentee you will never see me in sweats unless you run into me going to my soccer game. So this is what I wore earlier this week, simple cotton floral print tank, my favourite polka dot skirt with pockets and a denim jacket. Easy peasy. 
Oh, it's friday! Time for a drink :)
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Outfit: Top-Pure alfred sung, Skirt/Jacket-Zara, Belt-Ardene, Shoes/Bracelets- Payless


  1. pretty skirt
    love the bracelets

  2. There is nothign better than a simple skirt and top for stressful days! I love the look, so laid-back and still cute with the prints! And of course a denim jacket geos with almost everything, so it's a great "just throw on and you're dressed" piece :)

    Have a lovely weekend! Hope you find some time to relax!

  3. Cute! I love the polka dot and floral prints together. Have a great weekend! :)

  4. I LOVE the print mixing in this outfit, so inspirational! The jean jacket looks great too :)

  5. gorgeous, love this casual outfit

  6. Love this outfit, you look great and those its simple its super cute!! I agree I could use some serious free time.. I am constantly busy and would love to just relax!

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  7. Simple but adorable! Digging the prints.

    xoxo Mama Wolf.

  8. I'm loving these little prints together. It looks nice and comfy for a summery day!


Thank you for the love!