Sunday, June 24, 2012

Best of the Week

Hey loves, I have been SO sick since Thursday night. I have a throat infection so I've spent this beautiful weekend on the couch watching movies, waiting for my antibiotics to kick in. BUT before my shitty weekend I had a good week 
 Best of the Week:
 Getting to go for really long Mr Duke walks; Iced coffees on a hot hot day; My fancy new runners, how bright neon they are; How sleepy Mr. Duke gets after our walks; One year surgery free!!; Being done with classes for a little while; Catching up on movies; Suntanning with a good book on the deck; Smoothies; How sweet my little brother is taking care of me when I'm ill; Gelato;  Pretty flowers; 
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  1. How cool are your new sneakers? Definitely great neon colours! :)
    Hhm a throat infection really sucks, I hope you feek better soon so you can take out the neon sneakers haha ;)
    Also congrats on being surgery free for one year! I still remember your post about it, gosh time flies...

  2. love your neon great!
    that dog is such a cutieeeee :)
    lately with so much free time i'm watching movies all the time too.

  3. Loving the new sneakers (and that pic of Mr. Dukes of course)! I`m sick right now too if it makes you feel any better - hate it! Summer sickness is the worst. Hope you feel better soon love!

    Alexandra xo

  4. Awh hope you feel better! That picture of a sleepy Mr.Duke must help a little!! So cute! Your sneakers are so cool. There's nothing that inspires me to get my sweat on like some nice new neon gear.XO

  5. Oh my, hope you feel better soon Jenna! I had a dance with that virus a couple weeks back - definitely not fun. Mr. Duke is precious! Ice coffee and gelato - oh yeah! The most perfect things in the summer I swear. Now rest up and drink lots of tea with honey:) xx Marisa

  6. Your pup is so cute! Loving the bright runners too!
    xo Cara

  7. one year surgery free is AWESOME hooray hooray hooray :) and the rest of your week sounds pretty fab too...those runners and that iced coffee had me at hello. hope you're feeling better soon, dear!

    <3 Cambria

  8. Yay for being surgery free...bummers that you aren't feeling well. Your brother is so cute to take care of you. I always said you have a great relationship,with him...


Thank you for the love!